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Day in the Kyle rittenhouse trial The 12 member panel did not reach a verdict in the case and will deliberate for a fourth day on Friday This will continue while the judge looks into a defense motion to dismiss because the prosecution allegedly withheld video footage of the shooting and brought up previously barred evidence The congressional budget offices estimating the social spending package will add to the national debt The CBO said the $1.7 trillion bill would increase the budget deficit by $367 billion from 2022 to 2031 House speaker Nancy Pelosi It's paid for by wealthy corporations paying their fair share Two men convicted in the murder of Malcolm X are now officially exonerated over 55 years after the civil rights icon was assassinated Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance showcased specific evidence that cleared Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam after it was withheld from the defense all those years ago A north Texas congresswoman believes The White House may be retaliating against a school district with a race and gender discrimination investigation Lisa Taylor reports Beth van dyne says the Biden administration isn't happy with the Carol independent school districts rejection of liberal policies The Republican claims the district hasn't done anything wrong The U.S. Department of Education says they received three complaints against Carol ISD last week the district is promising to cooperate I'm Lisa Taylor Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown is being accused of obtaining a false COVID-19 vaccination card According to brown's former personal chef Stephen Ruiz the receiver had his girlfriend reach out to Ruiz over the summer to obtain a fake vaccination card that indicated Brown had received the Johnson & Johnson shot According to text messages provided by Ruiz brown's girlfriend offered him $500 for a fake card I am Brian shook The U.S. conference of Catholic bishops has taken action on a communion document Michael castner explains follows months of debate over whether it should clarify the church's teachings or serve as a reprimand Catholic lawmakers over the issue of abortion while not specifying Catholic lawmakers by name the action was prompted in part by President Biden He's about Catholic who continues to receive communion despite the stance on abortion rights and direct conflict with the church's teaching The proposal the bishops approved is meant as a teaching document on the right of community to clarify its meanings and significance and broaden its understanding in the church community I'm Michael kosner California pizza kitchen is reporting a massive data breach that exposed the social security numbers of thousands of current and former employees The U.S. pizza chain confirmed that cybercriminals had infiltrated its systems and gained access to files that included employee names and social security numbers a notification from the main attorney general's office reported over a 100,000 current and former employees were affected by the breach A bear in California seems to be searching for a snack after being caught on video inside a 7 11 store Mark Mayfield with more an employee at the store in the Lake Tahoe area saw the bear going through the store's trash than went back inside to call 9-1-1 The bear then followed the employee and pushed the door open to walk inside the store emergency officials arrived on scene and used rubber bullets to scare the animal away The employee said the bear returned some hours later to dig through the trash again but did not try to come back inside the store I'm Mark Mayfield An owl is making a special appearance at a Florida elementary school Bonnie Warren is a second grade teacher at Central Park elementary school in plantation where the school mascot is an owl Warren says students were released early when somehow an owl flew into her classroom If the coincidences weren't enough the bird landed on the teacher's book titled nature's show offs I'm Brian shook And I'm Doug Kushner at Bloomberg world headquarters in New York Let's check this hour's top business stories on the markets shares in Alibaba group holding down more than 10% right now in Hong Kong trading This is after the company cut its fiscal outlook for 2022 And this has raised a lot of concern about intensifying competition and dwindling consumer spending in China The disappointing forecast from Baba followed a miss on sales for a second straight quarter After the bell in the U.S. Applied Materials slumped as much as 8% after supply chain constraints forced the company to give a downbeat forecast Applied Materials is the biggest maker of machinery used to manufacture semiconductors so far it shares this year have jumped 84% due in large part to a boom in chip production Peloton interactive is being sued by a Florida pension fund for falsely assuring investors that peloton's dramatic COVID-19 inspired sales surge would continue at the end of the pandemic We had shares an apple rising nearly 3% in New York trading That was after Bloomberg news reported the company is pushing to accelerate development of its electric car We are told this project will be focused around full self-driving capabilities Apple is pushing for a debut in early 2025 We check markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg The weakness in Alibaba share sending the hang seng down 1.7% other markets in the apac region trading higher in Tokyo the nikkei up four tenths of 1% on the Chinese mainland Shanghai composite higher by two tenths of 1% In sold a Cosby rising by more than a half of 1% and in Sydney the ASX 200 is ahead just a tenth of 1% The U.S. ten year treasury in the Tokyo session now with a yield of 1.59% Global used 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries This is Bloomberg.

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