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I was just going to say that and at the time when Muhammad Ali was protesting and refusing to be drafted. Yeah. Yeah, they called him a traitor and a coward and every name in the book. Oh yeah. Skip to twenty years later. He's the greatest hero ever in a thing with Muhammad. Ali Muhammad Ali. He was also willing to give everything up for his beliefs for his beliefs in the hypocrisy of the Vietnam war policy of patriotism. And you know, even said at at the time he he didn't even think twice about he just that, you know what? I just don't care anymore. Take me to jail. They should've worth never called renew. They never lived for dogs away their be my nationality, rape for kill mother, father. Shoot what I shoot them little pool of black people know babies, children, women, how shoot him pull people to take me to jail, like, okay. You know you right Martin, you know, you look at this and it's like twenty twenty years later. He's proven to be not only right, but a hero. Yeah. In twenty years later, you've got some news, man. I was saying the same thing and you wanna staying guy down, stop line, and especially now we live in an age where everyone's a hero on Facebook and Twitter, they right. They write their poll. Yeah, they walk away and Pat themselves on the back. You should have seen what I said to those guys. See my reply to that post. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right. This guy's actually doing so he's actually giving something up. Yeah. No, not give up a lot. Yeah. Obviously, people say like, oh, well, it's easy for a millionaire athlete to do that. It's like, yeah, except that's not what he is though. No, no. See. At least at least the league got to box again. You know, Ali got to pursue his career, Carmen cabinet, man. Nobody knows what's going to happen when him the NFL I'm gonna say right now NFL leading him back up in. No, of course not. He's having a sue them for that. No, he's a nobody knows what here's career is going to go. Nobody knows how much money he could've made good money that he has from Nike. Yeah, but nobody knows where that career could attain. I mean, thirty grand to compared to a football player, salary shit getting that much. I mean, then you say he was getting thirty grand. He's getting no not thirty grand thirty mil. Oh, oh, whenever he's good. Okay. Fuck..

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