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And when it was announced there would be elections Benazir's path to power was clear. She ran and she was. Four months later. She was the Muslim world's first female, prime minister. Java Jabbar served in her first cabinet and says she was literally full of surprises. To carry a child to be pregnant and to keep it a secret a superstate secret, which none of us in cabinet, virtually real that this. About for delivering. It'd be old. Sadly, we. She is gone in to deliver democracy. She's also. As prime minister Benazir was now in a position to advance her ideals, many inherited from her father, but she faced multiple problems the military aware of her rage about her father's death, never trusted her and the Soviets had been driven from Afghanistan, which meant thousands of radicalized Islamist fighters had time on their hands. And some of them began to plot to kill her. I've seen documents detailing assassination attempts from this period in her life more than a decade before they tried to kill her in Karachi. Their accounts of federal police investigations, and they say that in one thousand nine hundred ninety three a hit team tried to plant a bomb in a sewer outside Benazir's, family home. They knew she'd pass over it on her way to visit her mother, the assassins were when a police officer asked them what they were up to looking for my spectacles, one said, I've dropped them down the drain. The officer told them to move on. And they did. Fearing they'd be recognized if they returned they hatched a new plan. Hire a former army sniper to shoot Benazir at a rally. They got the gun. They scope the spot. It was all set to go. But the shooter couldn't get there on time. If Benazir were cat. She'd now used to lives..

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