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Exactly. Because I think that you can't avoid everything like the cause. Social anxiety is really fed and watered by voidance whether that's over or the covert. And so as we go through life and get older, we can't avoid everything. And so just just incidentally, we're going to learn, we're going to refute the two lies of anxiety, which are that. The worst case scenario is definitely going to happen like the the worst, whatever. Are anxious. Brains can come up with is a foregone conclusion. That's one lie and the second live social anxiety is you can't handle it anyway, that whatever situation life throws at you, you're going to be unable to cope. And so just just getting older and living our lives. Again, we can't avoid things. And so we're going to slowly accumulate this evidence that, oh, wait. The worst case scenario doesn't usually happen that usually people are friendly and things were benign, and I ask for help and I get it or that people are happy to do favors or Bs questions, or start a conversation or hear about me and that even if things do not go perfectly or even well, you know, I can cope. I can handle it. I can. I can reach out and talk to somebody who I love and trust in and they can give me a pep talk, or I can figure it out if things don't don't unfold according to how I thought they were going to, or even if things go really wrong, I can. I can take some time out. And do some self care and bring myself back. And so we learn to refute those two lies just by getting older, but but ups Lutely if we can be intentional about it and try to think of some things that you know, maybe if I could conquer civil fear this little fear or or just do even do it on the fly. Like I could just like your story. I could either go sit, eat lunch alone, or I could go join this table..

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