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Yeah so owning boy and then the third book in this week's book coronarys granddad. What was football. Lock in the nineteen seventies but richard crooks so all those those interesting. There's lots of books like that. The rim especially retro books. I love retro books. And let's give a shout out for the light east backpass magazine magazine. Choice subscribed to issue number. Seventy two with them. Not bush by bobby charlton george best and denis law attribute attribute to the grind light snowing so wonderful rate as a wise back backpass magazine. You were in that past magazine. I was each on the soil. Cochran show was well recently tasty. Yeah finally got posted. It was a couple hours. You know. And i think he could downbeat and our and our but he really enjoyed doing we just got talking to buy anything and everything about football you went on and lawn and on but that black bus magazine obviously sucked to seventy two Backpass absolutely love it. Love breezy don't mean in an interview is no you you were in back. Pass a few issues ago. If you remember we saw to that i with have seen right to put heart not seen it on the wall yet up. I'll pull it off again. Put account posted on the group's because i'm restricted at the moment for gingrich bro. Put it under pie. But i have put up there in the past the terry colin interview on there. And of also put off the soma cochran show that excellently advocates. I long you token about ira what to i will advocate long token to malcolm full they sunday or malcolm cajal on about to announce it was thrown off. I was we were fantastic. That's what we've split into ally malcolm nice guy truck always polite in your absolutely shipowning shoulder like people think you saw your mind. Well you know until you actually know people until you taught so you know you don't know what they like. You can have an opinion of somebody but often that opinion is Is by on nothing. Not what your solitude taste over going to two cy fifty nine minutes and forty two seconds and aachen air forty need op. Dame's days i'll be honest. She won't win three in off. I was reading still consume actor. But there you go. That's laws saturday first. Game in magnificent socket seven signs versus manchester cicely adult school wants to know it but they were beating us little. Why science really ought to form saw hide. You say this one guy. Months muncie really should we. It's season this season of i'm willing to nila. They've got to start winning games now. I'm gonna go one one a fancy science to get something from that guy everton victims to at less the city against arsenal. Everton school to to nils pa. Yeah i'm gonna go. I'm the guy one one again through the grow. They're awesome just cannot keep losing guy shirley..

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