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Is in Lexington, Kentucky, where tomorrow, the breeders cup gets going, I will be there later tonight while our entire team is out there Bobby Newman and shoot beld and Mike penna. Don't forget Saturday the equine forum coverage of the breeders cup stick with HR N all weekend. James, what's going on at brisnet? Well, we have I just want to hurt the vets and ads on there. Of course, with the breeders cup plan that we have there for $25. But I wanted to point out that you didn't have to necessarily buy the whole package. We have a terrific international scouting report by Kelly Reilly. It's like ten bucks on there. She ranks the Euros in order of preference and gives you all the insight into their form and chances. And then we just have lots of other reports as well. You can always get past performances for the breeders cup for as little as $1 a card. So check out dot com slash BC for all your readers cup handicapping needs. Is there something in particular you're most looking forward to this weekend? Oh, that's such a tough one. You know, I mean, I always do. I mean, even if I don't have like a big betting interest, Senate, you know, the classic makes the whole event. And I just think that it's a great setup to throwing theater. Just some really competitive races in advance of that, some good betting opportunities. And then you have this a classic opportunity for flight line, you know? I mean, you know, there's a lot of people out there throw the turn around, great, but a lot of people are really like uppity about it, where they hold it to a certain level. And one measure of greatness is being top class competition. So to me, that's the real marker of this classic. You know, it's class science toughest test by a mile. And it'll be fun to see him earn it if he does. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. And that's the reason I'm coming. I love the breeders cup. I try to come, as often as I can. This year works better in my schedule than some other years, but I think the opportunity to see flight line. It's either going to be this incredible, wow, flight line was beaten. Maybe we had wrong all along, or wow. Is as good or better than we thought. Is there anything that can happen if light on winds by half a length, would that be a disappointment in some way, James? You know, not necessarily. I mean, it depends on how he accomplishes it. And you know, if he won by a half length over a rich strike, yeah, sure, maybe people would be really disappointed, but if he gets in, like I said, you know, if he's in like a real battle and he guts it out and wins by half length, I don't think people like really, you know, I don't think the measure of him is necessarily how much he wins by. You know, it's more like how you do it, Dave, and people will measure him by his, you know, how fast he runs and how big a performance number he gets. 8, 9, 6, 6, HR RN 888-966-4776. What are you most looking forward to during this weekend's breeders cup? James, when I look at flight line and I look at a morning line of three to 5, I think it's crazy that indicates there's a 62 and a half percent chance of flight line winning. Don't you feel as though that number has to be higher? Don't you think flight line has to be one to three or two to 5 at least? Well, I mean, if you're just giving them a pure win chance, but one thing with the morning line maker, he's also sort of gearing like how the public ages it and I think that he meets that threshold for the for most of the public. I think it's fair to question that, but yeah, now you'll just see these anomalies where these horses like him, they also just get like a little bit of an extra push. I think in this opening race on Saturday, we got this Arabian prince in there or Arabian night, I mean, like he works just brilliantly. He works with Laurel river, who's a great training horse and a top contender in the dirt mile. And you know, I've just heard people like buzzing about like, you know, he could be as good as K rock and, you know, or maybe like his best three year old prospect for next year. And you know, so he puts him at two to one, which is realistic in a sense, but what if he's sitting up there two to 5. I just think, you know, have a propensity to get over bed a little bit horses that, you know, that people fancy for one reason or another. And people is 2.3 $1 million son of uncle mo trained by Bob Baffert and Zidane racing and yeah, that horse is not going off at two to one. Maybe he's all that. Maybe he's not, but the word has been out all week on Arabian night and it'll be fun to watch him run. Augusta Alonso is with us from Brisbane. Hey Gus, how are you? Hey, Dave. What's going on, Dave and James? Yeah, what an exciting weekend coming up. Just can't wait. Everybody's doing putting in their last details and hearing you guys talk about the race and just gets everybody pumped up. Yeah, I'm so excited for Gus. What are you most looking forward to? I mean, obviously the gambling part, but also as a fan. I mean, there's just a nice stories, you know, flight line. And he could end up being one of the best horses we ever seen in our lifetime. It could be the best. And also, being a cool story, I think golden Powell, I mean, he won as a two year old. He won as a three year old. He has a big shot again of doing it three years in a row. I think that's a great story as well. I've been watching races for a long time. The way he comes out of the gate. Just different. He's a different kind of animal and I like to see him perform well as a fan and obviously there's some great betting opportunities all weekend as well. So and I think Jackie's warrior is another one Gus. I mean, to me, this race just cements him as like a Hall of Famer. You know, there's not a lot of sprinters that are up for the Hall of Fame and if you look at his resume, this is the one thing I think he needs. He's got all the other great one wins to his credit. Oh, there's no doubt in it seems to be sitting on a big one. He's coming back to his preferred distance and he's going to be a handful as well. And I totally agree. I mean, he cements himself as one of the top sprinters of our lifetime, really. I mean, because the sprint racing wasn't as popular way back in the day, but he's definitely one. He comes and I think he's going to be razor sharp on Saturday. 888-966-4776 to get involved in the bris net dot com call

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