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Are expressed with the toys right now are accident free We are watching the south side some police activity king drive at 48th street reports of a person shot there so you want to avoid that area A deadly crash in a strip mall parking lot in south suburban midlothian W trans jewel Hillary is there Around 1 p.m. Christy barber was working a few doors down from the jam rock restaurant where an elderly man who was driving crashed shattering a window when knocking down an outside column I literally felt it I was shooking up Authorities say the driver hit the gas while experiencing a medical emergency In the midst of the chaos the man hit two elderly pedestrians and several parked vehicles before plowing into the restaurant The pedestrians and 80 year old man and his 75 year old sister died the elderly driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition A longtime street vendor Gonzalo Garcia was attacked and robbed last week on the northwest side Witnesses say they saw a group of young people carry out the assault near CTA stop at grand and Laurel last Thursday as he waited for a bus to go home Garcia spoke to WGN's Julian Cruz And what I did Garcia explains was cover my face so they wouldn't disfigure me They took x-rays he says I have a fracture over here The attacker's still close to $270 Garcia says this is the third time he's been assaulted on Chicago streets Jurors in the Jesse Smollett trial will be back in court later this morning to continue a second day of deliberations after about two hours yesterday the judge dismissed hers so one of them could attend a family event More on closing arguments from WGN's Mike Lowe Defense attorney Netanyahu told jurors that Smollett had what he described as an anti motive that he could not afford to have a bruised face given his upcoming music video and scenes in empire During the prosecution's rebuttal special prosecutor Samuel mendenhall repeated this line several times for the jury Quote facts matter truth matters evidence matters Smollett is accused of staging a racist anti gay attack against himself in downtown Chicago to get publicity He faces 6 low level felony counts for lying to Chicago police about that January 2019 incident On new charges of a criminal conspiracy at a failed Bridgeport bank William mahan is a one of four people accused of a years long embezzlement scheme at the Washington federal bank for savings Man was a longtime board member prosecutors say the scheme siphoned off $90 million The indictment accuses mahan of doctoring paperwork sent to regulators 15 people have now been charged in the scheme alderman Patrick Daly Thompson is awaiting trial on charges He cheated on his federal income taxes with money he got from that bank The woman who's alluded TSA agents and snuck on numerous flights can stand trial next year more from WGN's Ryan burrow Documents from the Cook County clerk of the circuit court show after completion of a behavioral clinical exam Marilyn Hartman has been deemed fit to stand trial with medication The 70 year old has said she suffers from bipolar disorder She faces numerous charges for porting flights without a ticket including a flight that landed in London in 2018 despite a restraining order and electronic monitoring she was arrested near O'Hare airport earlier this year Her next court hearing is in January Ryan bro WGN news The number of new COVID infections in Chicago keeps rising the city's averaging 903 daily cases That's up more than 70% from last week Despite a continuing increase in COVID hospitalization statewide the number of patients in the city dropped 40% in the past week the average positivity rate is now at 4.1% from 3.3 last week Pfizer says it's COVID booster shot off for significant protection against the amaron variant compared to the initial two doses increasing it increases people's levels of virus fighting antibodies by a factor of 25 but this has people asking one specific question as we get more from new nations Evan Lambert That has many Americans wondering why Pfizer and Moderna are already working on vaccines specifically designed to confront the Omar crown variant or if each new variant will require another shot The president's chief medical adviser doctor Anthony Fauci says the need for another vaccine is not yet clear We may not need a very specific boost We're preparing for the possibility that we need a very specific boost And that's what the companies are doing A preliminary data suggests that the initial two doses against the variant could still make people mildly sick President Biden is vowing not to send U.S. troops to stop a Russian invasion of Ukraine The president said he warned Vladimir Putin Russia would suffer severe economic consequences if an invasion happens Biden is set to talk with the president of Ukraine later today Australia Canada and the United Kingdom are joining the United States in a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Activists have been calling for a boycott for months over human rights abuses by the Chinese government athletes will still be allowed to compete in this situation WGN sports the bulls lost in Cleveland a 115 to 92 in college basketball Wisconsin beat Indiana 64 to 59 The black hawks visit Montreal today the pre game with Joe Bryant at 5 30 the face off at 6 with John whiteman on 7 20 WGN and double chin radio dot com The forecast not from the WG and Chicago weather center the Arctic chill moving out meteorologist Demetrius ivory We expect them to see mostly cloudy skies on Thursday.

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