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People out. Lt. That's amazon dot com slash Indy jobs. Amazon is an equal opportunity. Employer. I'm mad Bear with traffic on the fives. Father was so on Twitter, a W IBC traffic. Randy Allah Switch TV meteorologist. That is a lot of fog. It is the story of the morning. What brings in and when they headed out. Yeah, I know. I will hear Tony's man matching here. The visibility is down quite a bit. Merry County is not in a dense fog advisory. But still it's just counties north and west of here until nine o'clock. So be care Pro have those low beam headlights on here. I think the fog will get out of here after 8 30 or nine o'clock and then we should become partly sunny over all, not a bad day Cooler day. I kept right around 81 Partly cloudy tonight. Not bad. We dip down around 62 Friday. Mostly sunny and Nice Day should be good for the high school football games. High temperature is 78 degrees, and that we can not bad Saturday afternoon Saturday night was sticking her threat. Foursome. Scattered thunderstorms highs up around 82 Saturday, then partly sunny skies with a high near 80 during the day on Sunday, so after 8 30 or nine o'clock here Tony, the fog should start to. Ah, burn off and get out of here. That is Randy. Alice. Of which TV Randy. Thank you very, very much. 67 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center the time right now, with 606 Thiss hour on 93 WNBC is powered by the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing partnership. So you've got Boone and Hamilton. In that fog advisory That's going on Tony Katz 93. W IBC. Good Morning Madison.

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