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We have two weeks before our Atlanta one. We talked about something who knows if we'll ever ver- deliver on anything if you are nudist issue and for somebody who's like if you're new to this show and your leg look we. I these guys they. They make a lot of promises. That's our hearts always in our heart is there but if you have been with us since day one you're just palling it out. You Know Oh yeah you know that we will never ever deliver. We deliver our heart and our thoughts yeah. There will be some. I gotta say we're getting some bad ass merch. We're GONNA HAVE TO WE'RE GONNA have to and also that Patriot when that drops I mean there's going to be what did we also sake. This is smart of us. We know our limit say people if you have urged you to this show ideas and you're coming to Atlanta. Ten of them make ten t shirts and sell L. or give them away. Do what everyone always right next to us. As we thank people was and honestly you don't be a Dick about the price but honestly if you wanna be the reds and everyone was six hundred bucks then fucking great great. Do whatever you want. We're just saying if you got a t shirt and you're selling it for like. Let's say fifteen. You're probably going to sell L. all of them and if you have ten you're GonNa make one hundred and fifty bucks and it's like cool even gives a shit. That's great. That's very money yeah but if you've got some shirts Bringham give them away sell them. Do whatever the fuck you want. The venue will know that people are showing up and it's going to be an open market when it turns into a swap meet. I would love that. There's too many selling. I'm selling coffee mugs that I made candles pen candles. Hen Candles folks you. WanNa go to the letters. Should we go to him or should we. Oh I know my God you just fuck in rate and you just went into the ground and then came from Oregon on it. How do you work gone that lot of TM DUDE LA la La Lynch lot of TM TM L. as the only place as I ever hear anyone say tm and I never hear anyone else. Say what's that everyone's like. Oh transcendental meditation yeah well. It's a common phrase. It's it's a common occurrence yeah out here doing tm. Oh cool good cycle at Tam. I've been tim and I gotTA learn transcendental in dental meditation. I think it'd benefit to me. Go up first. Stop making that noise right. Rory new listeners Roy makes nor does that sound like look. I'm great at fully. I can talk and do it at the same time. I'm not doing right now. I'm talking and I'm doing the Foley zing the micro machines guy this is Dennis. SORTA lives in that world mitalent. It's not let me go let me okay. It is so cold in the studio and you're wearing shorts and a t-shirt Are you bothered by an no. I'm from Sheikh going nine doing my bits. Hey guys that's a nice way to do. It hope you're well. I'm a lot of energy. I'm oh I hope you're well. I'm a longtime listener first-time writer. I wanted to earn my pallor stripes before I reached out. I respect that I hashtag grew through the shoe to my husband. Now we listened to the new episode every Wednesday on the way to work with sidebars of our own discussions on the topics. I love that Roy. That's that's what that's the point of yeah. It's strange how many of these letters feel like they apply to me or US somehow but I guess that is part of the beauty of this community. You've built a smiley face Shimon Dotan so it is Saturday and we are awaiting Hurricane Dorian all right so now we all know when in our lives collective lives this was sent it Saturday and we are awaiting Hurricane Doreen. We live in Tampa in the Tampa area Florida. We've been here for twelve years and my husband husband is native. We have different differing views of this situation every year. He might really believe that there is a secret meteor meteor hit and became lodged beneath. Tampa ages ago that repels hurricanes from this area with magnetism or something. I already love that theory to the the point where I can't not accepted as true. It's big into that He insists the numbers are on his side so far seems to be right with the exception of Irma a few years ago which was big enough to swallow the state anyway this means that he never worries an only minimally prepares. He says it will always turn or stall out and everyone is overreacting. Goddamn Florida man I on the other hand can't help but get pretty wound up every time I am prone to doing Zaidi and a hate watching and waiting for two weeks while the storm grows and works its way towards us. There are always numerous sudden changes in pl- paths and degrees degrees of severity in fact as I write this. They've changed the trajectory yet again and now it may might not make landfall in Florida at all so even if it's not a still pill Alabama for sure so even if it's not expected to hit our area directly. There's a big response at the gas stations in grocery stores. The schools even even close preemptively in case. They need to be opened as emergency shelters. The state has been in an official state of emergency for days to prepare. We are prepared in a basic sense. It's but it all adds up and always makes me feel like we should be doing more. I'm originally from the flattest planes of Indiana where the tornado sirens sounded weekly all summer. We're the only prepping you did was throwing your kids in the basement with your permanent prep stash while the family patriarch sits on the ports shit talks tornadoes with other neighborhood good ole. Oh Boy La honestly love that too probably as like a rifle shooting at Mentor Newton love that that seems so much less scary to me. I think it's because the last time before and during to worry and less outside hype to influence my anxiety that my real questions what type of natural disasters do you think is scariest Gary. And why have you had any close calls. I'm pretty certain will be fine. Look forward to hearing back from you soon into the Penny's pals who were expecting to be hit harder than us. Stay safe and I wish you the best thanks for being a friend tiffany golden girls closing closing no fan such a great show. God I would love to be magnetic repellent buried deep in the soil when I read. This is going to start with it. He's GonNa go right here like like repels the hurricane it attracts me. The theory attracts me. You would love if you were like in the new. Ber- yeah and your driver like on your way from the airport to the hotel. Do the shows the Tampa Improv. I think that's what's down there you know and he was like a little something something about moved down here from Chicago about ten years ago after he was done with the Jack Jack Jack Rehired retired Arnovitz still makes it anyway down here in Tampa. They gotta think I'm going to be a lot of people i. It sounds like crazy being ten years man. Tell me what it is. There's a meteor hit here about six hundred thousand years ago. Whatever and they say they say they say they say that every time it comes the magnetism the they know all this shit anyway if you listen to. What do you mean the current locals? It's always right say no. Why is no one claiming to be thing right right and then as soon as you meet the guy who is they. you never buy duck is a lunatic now that I've met who they as hey they say the earth is flat. I can't combine the fun of it. All you want your. La Guy I get it but I'm telling you. There's there's a magnetism down here pushes all the hurricanes away. Let some material for your show tonight. There's a meteor hit six hundred they say around six hundred six hundred six hundred thousand thousand years ago. I say to my buddy Daniel and he's still he's like. Oh you hit a new shows. I used to work with COMEDIANS. Daniel van Kirk brokenhearted could hearted son of a good he he had turned to comedy to shift his emotional swing out of hybrid down packet. Now I said bury it have a coffee in an old fashioned donut dip it and then go solve a crime God. I want that meteor thing to be so fucking true. Do I get all this the husband's native so he's like Ben through it. She's from Indiana. There's no they don't even.

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