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So that's a good thing will hope that trend continues, But I would definitely be playing it safe and backing off on your speeds. If you have to be out driving north and West, where we've got some light to moderate snow falling right now seeing just payment, so we had a little bit of slush build up on Northern attitude. 70 and I 70 during the heaviest snow, but that's pretty much gone away. It's now just Off on the shoulders and often the secondaries and smaller roads. Snow covered as they are. The major highways are passable to longstanding crashes. Westbound I 70 beyond mount. Airy, right side was blocked. I think they got that one clear now eastbound east of Hagerstown before Boonsboro that one still blocking the right side. They don't wt o p traffic to Mike Stanford. It's storm team forests. We monitor the situation with the rest of this storm us and see us some snow flurries around here in northwest D. C. And in suburban Maryland. Yes, and the snow is increasing in intensity. We're seeing some moderate snow now. From the German town Gaithersburg and Rockville area westwards around the Poles will area coming down the I 95 corridor for around the laurel area all the way to the Beltway. We're seeing increasing band of snow that's gonna cope portion of the Beltway. And it just took itself over the next 30 minutes. Gonna watch that closely. That's also going to shove the temperature down to a couple of areas got above freezing over the last hour, but with the sun going down a 5 30, more snow vans coming in. That's going to push the temperature's back down. So I'm thinking another 1 to 3 inches of snow possible along the ice 70 corridor and points northward and then to the South. Here, we could see up to an inch of snow over the next hour so and into the evening hours, and that could be enough to coat roads to US. Temperatures start to fall overnight. A chance of snow showers or flurries are those mid twenties to lower thirties scattered snow showers and flurries on Tuesday. Very windy to one's guests get to 40 Miles an hour. I sort of mid thirties will stay blustery on Wednesday with the risk of flurries and highs in the mid to upper thirties 28 right now in Leesburg, Fredericksburg, 33 31 in college part and showing Hillary It's 32 at Reagan National. Thank you, Mike for 51 small flakes are flying outside the W T O P studios this afternoon as we continue monitoring the weather on road Patrol this hour. W T o P. Steve Dresner who's checking on conditions in Maryland. I'm riding along interstate to 70 here, a Montgomery County, The snow is picked up a bit. You can tell the visibility is dropping. The traction on to 70 has been good. My dashboard temperatures still reading 31 degrees, so you may want to look out for some slick road surfaces. More importantly, Headlights on wipers on for safety and do clear your vehicle of any snow or ice. Steve Dresner w T O p. New news this afternoon. Metro's just announced its service plans for tomorrow. Metrobus will start the day with some roots suspended and some other routes detoured to avoid.

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