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His mind. Well yeah he's he's a guy not to do the whole podcast about scott horton but i think this is a bigger point. I mean i think people can kind of model themselves in his mold in that you know. I don't think. I don't see scott as someone who's looking to. He's not looking to gain power in this. he's just looking to get message out. And i think we could all learn from this when we are taking podcast appearances. And i've done this in the past. Maybe you someone asks you to come in their show. And it's you know it's a really small show with only a couple listeners. If you listeners still important. I mean if a podcast has fifty listeners twenty-five listeners that's still twenty five people that can hear the message of liberty that can hear your message and that could be brought into this movement and who knows what they can. Do you plant. Plant a seed in their mind. And who knows what what it's going to turn into with podcasts. Feel like i talked to so many people who have a podcast and they start one then. They get frustrated because they don't turn the tom woods right away or scott word right away and it's like if you just imagine when you look at your downloads. Whatever it is maybe it's twenty people. Maybe it's hundred people. Maybe it's five thousand people. Just imagine those people in a room and you walk into the room and you're talking to all those people i mean. That's that's powerful. And i think more people need to think of podcasting as a means to communicate and a means to really get this message out there rather than like a way to make a profit because to be perfectly honest a lot of podcasters the vast majority of podcasters. You're not gonna make a profit so it better be. You'd better be talking about an podcasts about something that you're passionate about. Yeah well and i think it helps to that people like you or i. I mean you've been at it longer than i have started in two thousand eighteen. And i've been grinding you know and i've made all the mistakes you can make. Can i had to figure all of it out here over and over and over again. Learn as soon as i get one thing figured out. I got him another thing. I gotta deal with. And you know. And i've watched my numbers go from from you know sixty downloads up to two thousand downloads. Then dropped back down to three hundred downloads and then gel back. And you're like it's it's not it's not consistent it it's always you're always grinding. You're always moving. You're always trying to adjust. You're always trying to learn in and i would never destroy the discourage anybody from starting a podcast with. Don't start a podcast money. That's that's absolutely insane. Don't do that you have to. You have to talking to people about subjects that you find interesting before anybody else is going to be attracted to your podcast. One hundred percent agree with that. So let's let's continue down that path. I do wanna talk about berg. We'll come back to that later. But you know talking about interesting topics. And i know your podcast wide range of topics. Your interview interviewed me. So i'm i'm i'm a wide range of topics myself but you bring a lot of different characters. What i listened recently. What's the name of the podcast. It was It was the guy is like a music. Podcast with like i haven't listened to it You're talking about david sanchez. Lead vocals of havoc. No no. oh well anyway. It was the point is i don't know you have cast of characters that you bring on so like when you're looking to bring on guests what do you are you just looking at talk to interesting people would would sure I guess what do you look for when you look when you look for. Yeah no i mean. It's not just always interesting people. Sometimes it's like okay. You know like when when. I spoke to joe dawn on all i really didn't know much about justin Before we spoke. I knew he was big into liberty movement. And i'm like well you know my listeners might want to hear from this guy you know but then there are some people that i like like when i interviewed the huntsmen about supply chains on. Some people are going to learn something here. You know like this is important information. Like what's going on with the supply chain for the last year. Is wires meat. Shortages wire their toilet paper shortages. What's happening with the supply chain so that you know you can get information out of it but in the end i don't know i guess the person has to have a certain type of mind set a certain type of Kind of a certain type of persona. I don't want somebody that comes across. Like smug because you come across smug. I don't wanna talk to you probably and so. I wanna talk to people that i think we can produce an interesting conversation that have interesting things to say that i can learn. Something from audience can learn something from and we can bounce ideas off of each other. So yeah no. I don't know if that helps narrow it down. Well i think the way you do your interviews. And when i was talking about is go s- jail with burto. Oh yeah who. I'd never heard of but that was a super interesting conversation. But but yeah you talk about. Not bringing on smug people i will say i have brought on smug people and we'll continue to but what i try to do. Is i try to take the smugness out of them. And i've had i've had people tell me after. I interviewed them. These people that have been you know interviewed on cable news. Or whatever like no one's ever asked me these questions before like well that's because you really haven't been interviewed you've just on these little five minute segments on on cable news right. Yeah yeah you know. I got the biggest compliment the other day. We were talking about scott earlier. I'm just gonna bring him up one more time but when he did that. Podcast with pete and they brought up your zero and he he. He introduced years zero. He said oh. We can't forget. Tommy everybody's friend. I'm like i love that. Like that's how i wanted to be. I want people to be relaxed talking to me. Podcast i i feel like i do my podcast for blue collar guys. You know like. I'm collar guy. I'm like what do i want to listen to..

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