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Is the twenty third of July twenty twenty. Here's the birthday lists. Andrea smell as happy birthday to a husband wretch. Thirty five the belated on the twentieth of July Oscar Karston turns thirty three tomorrow black. Knight Sir Mark Magpie Auto Celebrates Today. She issue a recall says happy birthday to her husband. Mr Rico Thomas Wilkinson. thirty-three tomorrow and Brian McFadden turns fifty two tomorrow as well happy birthday to everybody here at the best podcast in the universe. Don't want to. Know Douche bags allowed here sir. Hoop and soccer chases title as we found out earlier he now becomes the Barron of the psychedelic over mind and related dimensions, and we appreciate his support for quite a long time and thank you very much do your Barron. May you wear the sash with pride? And then we have Well three nightingales call one a dame. Sword time. So Janice Oliver step on up here next the podium Travis Mercer. Heralds. Cumberland commonly company that would be all three of you of sport. The no agenda show on the amount of one thousand dollars or more I, am therefore very proud to announce the case. Dave Knights Sir tactician from the fresh coast and serve. Geisha liquor for you. we have at the roundtable. Hooper's and blow of course read Voice Chardonnay for the dame, perhaps rich board Pinot Noir from Burgundy, sports, cookies and vodka, some fog and toys go chops and mad cow milk course Gatien's and socked in Manila Bong in Bourbon sparky side, of sports ginger, Jalen, Gerbils and obviously the mutton and made by. By special request, thank you all for your support of the no agenda show, and if you go to a detonation dot, com slash rings and fill out some Info there, Eric. She'll make sure you get your official knight or Dame Ring. It's a signet ring, so you get the sealing wax with it and the certificate, but most of all you get the respect of the peerage of the no agenda, nation..

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