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Hello my loves eileen here just popping in for a surprise episode because we have some fun announcements to make first off happy labor day hope you guys had a great summer and for those of you who are going back to school sending you all good luck and good vibes for the back to school season so i know some of you might be missing the lavender lifestyle podcast. I just want to let you know oh that we will be back for season five of the podcast on november third so mark your calendars for that dates were already starting to record and i'm super excited for the next season and so get ready so i came today to let you know that i have a guest takeover episode on the optimal living daily podcast. Yes you heard that right optimal living daily really. I am so excited about it. It's one of the top personal development podcasts out there so if you wanna hear my episode search for episode thirteen sixty one which should be episode so that went live today on september second two thousand nineteen labor day in the u._s. The link to find this is oh l. D. podcast dot com slash one three six six one so i wrote an article about living for yourself and not others and i'm really proud of it so go ahead and listen by the way if you wanna stay in the loop and follow the behind the scenes of the podcast there are two places you should check out definitely check out our facebook group the lavender lifestyle community and also follow us on instagram at shop lapin happen dare so that's the shop. Instagram account is not my personal one because on those accounts we're going to be posting a lot of the behind the scenes previewing the guests that we're going to bring on the show. Oh and we're also going to collect questions that you guys ask our guests so if you want to be part of the podcast submit your questions definitely follow us on instagram or join our facebook group group or both and i will talk to you guys more there. Make sure to mark your calendars for the return of the podcast on november third and if you're interested in the lavender shop yep we're launching new notebooks on september twenty fifth so check out our shop then and we are also coming out with the twenty twenty artists of life workbook on november. Oh van bor i so the next few months will be really exciting with a bunch of launches and new content so get ready for it all right sending you so much. Love talk to you in november by.

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