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Six. I'm bradley. Jay Jay talking marklevinshow here. You can talk to both of us you call and you talk to him first. And then you can talk to me. Here. We are. We're still in a new studio still super clean. We did get a memo that says instructions on how to keep the place clean. And I totally get that. Because it's white. And there's a lot of people here and even in a small place things like refrigerators, get disgusting really quickly. So of course, there's going to be hopefully strictness regarding that refrigerators in the workplace are weird. Yeah. This is a zero tolerance policy. I think there's a good plan actually anything you put in the fridge. You gotta put your name on it and a date and after five days it gets thrown out. It's really good policy. I'm scared. I'm going to forget and leave something in there. I'm going to get a call. Bradley Jay, Bradley, Jay in the community office. You left some milk in there? And they went bad. It just goes in the trash. Good. Good. Good good. At least they have somebody. That's gonna come in. And throw it in the trash in most workplaces. They don't as a matter of fact, WBZ old WBZ it got so bad that a throw the fridge out. It was just a dumb little student. Forty dollar fridge. Thank god. If it were bigger would have been that much more disgusting. We'll see we'll see how it goes. I this. Let me just say the places white, and that's awesome. Maybe it'll keep everybody motivated to keep clean. I've actually started being more clean in my home. More. I should say less clutter. In an effort to get in a less cluttering habit in general. So I'm make sure not to be clutter here, you got to be super minimal here. I saw a thing on what was it? Maybe seinfeld. In the work in your workplace never have more at work than you can carry out in one box. I think it's a pretty good plan. Now, I don't do politics much and even the little I do I don't like doing it. I do it out of duty. And I know I know not only in my heart, but from anecdotal evidence that you agree. There's enough political talk on TV. On social media on talk radio to last a lifetime. You don't need me doing it too. I offer you an alternative there's plenty of mouthwash that kills germs. I'm your mouthwash, tastes good. Now, here's some of that anecdotal evidence that I'm right? This comes from a really good guy. I wanna I wanna. You know, tip my cap to every once in a while to a person that I think is awesome. But maybe he doesn't get the recognition they deserve. And this'll be John Mullany. I worked at BBC and for twenty eight years he was there. Most of that time. He's an engineer. He we do remotes. He would you know, go out and broadcast from someplace he'd be the guy that made sure that it worked. He'd go out. There we go out maybe with a van driver. Or street team person and him, and we would say interview Metallica? We would interview Marilyn Manson the van driver would drive. I would talked to Marilyn Manson, and John Mullany would be one of the guys that would make sure the whole thing worked. I could. I could never figure figure out how he does that especially when it's getting down to the crunch time in it's not working. Sometimes there are problems, and you have to keep your cool when you're one of those engineer guys you have to figure on your own. Why this thing's not working and make it work. Magically. So you know, what John Mullany thank you to all for all those years of hanging out with me doing this stuff and one thing about John Laney. Here's a guy that had a lot of cool ideas about how to make the remote broadcasts better. He was willing to go the extra mile to make it cool to have those wireless mics to yet ideas, go over here. And we'll we'll we'll do this. And he wasn't. He wasn't afraid to have ideas that made it sound more exciting and uses skills to make that happen. He was not some guy just wiring it in. He was always anxious to make it sound as exciting as possible. And he always get the job done. I think he should've gotten more more credit throughout your career. And I'm trying to give you some right here. Now, John who's a friend of a Facebook friend of Charles on a personal friend of Charles Lockwood era. Posted this post, and I'm going to read it to you because he kind of feels like I feel I knew I was not alone. Am Betty feels like you feel. I hope he didn't swear this. I did proof read it. But I didn't see any are you ready? He posts on Sunday. Nine thirty nine. I really wish there was a button. I could push to never see anything political on Facebook. I would break that button pushing it so hard. I have so many friends and the left and so many friends on the right and yet in days of old. It was okay to live somewhere in the middle. Like, I do not today. It seems you have to give up one friend or another. I just don't even care that much. I'd rather die than nuclear holocaust in here about who's right or wrong anymore. Clearly John's fed up. No, one changes their political views because of the internet. Sorry Russians you wasted money. It doesn't work. I had the pleasure of meeting Hillary Clinton. And there wasn't a chance. I could vote for her yet. I also never vote for Donald. So. And I know my forefathers fought both fought for both the the the freedom I had to skip apart. I couldn't read that hope it still makes sense. He goes on and on. But basically. He says if they're a button, they could push. So he'd never have to see anything political on Facebook. He would push it so hard it would break and so often at break, he's fed up. He's pulling his hair, and I get that. I'm the same way. I see when I go on Charles Lockwood airs, I I feel like in reference him because. Not a lot of you know, him. He's a guy who was the morning DJ an answer at WBZ and a great rock station here. He runs a very very very very popular Facebook page, and it's very political from time to time. He. Gets burnt out on all the arguing and most recently or very recently said, you know, what I'm just blocking people. I can't I can't take it anymore. Then he'll change his mind. He'll get another a at me when I see these people on either side that somehow now there whole self identity is wrapped up in their political identity and that route to me, they're rude to other people. I just block them. You can put people on thirty day breaks. Whatever do you really need this here? Your parents told you? When you ask them. Daddy mummy who did you vote for? They probably said, you know, what it's secret. There's a reason they said that and they were right to say that because once you get once you go there, it's ugly. And it's funny. We've we've got our parents advice. Yeah. It secret who you voted for. Hey, I'm not telling you why. Well, because if people if people knew who I was voting for half, the people would hate me. I'd lose half my friends, and you do Derek people out there that I don't hang around with anymore. Because of this, and I'm sick of it. So that's why we only do politics when it's wicked important the big stuff. All right. Thanks for letting me. Joseph in Medford. Thank you for letting me get that out there. We're going to break Joseph and you'll beef up right after this break on WBZ. Mine try to radio. Jay, talking Bradley, Jay WBZ, NewsRadio ten thirty just into.

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