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Felt the spirit. And that was kind of me hooked. My mother, I went home because my mother's Church of England, and I remember going home that evening because also I wasn't allowed to stay around Karen's apartment, very inappropriate at the time. So they had to stay around there. And it wasn't until we got up to the Laura chastity and other areas like that Karen and Dobson had explained to me about her beliefs and the areas which were taboo. So I kind of understood, but when it came to Laura chassis, then I fully understood about respect for her, but the reason for me as well. And it kind of clicked and I kind of understood more. So that kind of made it easier for both of us to understand that. So it was a pretty quick process as you soon after you realized the teaching was for you. You'd think, wouldn't you? But it didn't quite happen like that. So I went home had a chat with my mom told her about the church, told everybody the moment, you know, and I was having these lessons and she was kind of like, she was actually just kind of said, why have a float your boat? You know, if that's what you want to go for if you feel happy with that, then you do that because I'm telling you, I was just going to be a phase. I just want to then phase is what you go through, Neil. That's what is going to be as a phase 30 odd years later. I'm still having my face. So I had the lessons I had the discussions. And Satan's a funny old thing when he gets hold of you know when you're that new person and you're trying to learn and Satan tries to get his claws into and it happened to me. And I was with the military at the time as well. So I was going away quite a bit and coming home and I'd had the discussions with elder Smith and the other elder and sorry I can't remember his name was such a long time ago but I was going to be able to Smith common name I know but and I felt this darkness come over me and they were getting a bit pushy and stuff and I kind of pushed back a little bit and went, no, this is leave me alone. This isn't for me. This isn't for me. Yeah. But I know the lord had other plans. And I went away with the military with the army I was caught all the time, so I was kind of section leader. You know what I mean? So I had a small group of guys I used to be in charge of and we were going away and we were sitting on a hill in Wales. And if you've ever been to Wales, have you ever been in England? I haven't. Right. Well, Wales, lovely people, so if anyone from Wales is listening to this, I would say yucky die. I think that's a Welsh thing for saying hello, but lovely people and lovely beautiful countryside. However, when you're in the military and you know what else is no fun. It's always raining. It's always cold. It's always wet, it's always kind of miserable when you go there because whenever we do exercises it's always in the winter and it's always cold and it's just generally like that. So I was on this exercise and we were watching this called a firepower demo and some of you guys who have been in the military and all of these are the planes and aircraft and everything come over and they let loose with all their missiles on the tank hulks and things and it's quite exciting, really impressive thing. And then it all stopped and it went quiet and I was kind of on my own on this hill and I suppose it's a bit like being the sacred grove a little bit because you can't run your own it's beautiful hills and things around you and it's rolling green everything that's gorgeous. And I was contemplating the church and I had this piece that came over me and at the time and even now it just gives me goosebumps even thinking about this because this doesn't happen often you can't tell me how many people in the British Army and members of the church we've got a few but not many. So the odds on someone else being a church member and also not from your own regiment coming over to speak to you would be pretty slim, right? Yeah. But that's what happened. Well, so I'm sitting there on the side of this hill. Common plating on the church life, everything like this Carol and of course I want to do this. I want to marry it. And this guy came over from the parachute regiment. Now parachute regiment guys are pretty tough. And we know it's just normal infantry, if you know. Nothing like special forces or anything like that. I always normal bang on infantry guy. So I was a grunt, if you like. So for this guy to come over and he was an officer. And to sit down and he said, he said, you look deep in thought, he said, though, are you okay? I said, yeah, no, no, I'm fine. Tell me about it. What's going on? So I kind of said, are you going to last, are you going to allow? Let's have a chat. So he was standing there in a Chapman I mentioned the church and he said, you'll never regret it. I'm a member of that church. And I was like, you are kidding me. He said, no, he said, best thing you'll ever do. Best thing you'll ever do is join that church, believe you me. He said, it'll just help you know and he says, it's helped me in my life and it will help you in your life. And before you now I turn around, I need going to get to go away. Didn't even get his name. I don't know who he was to this day of not sin anymore. I don't know who he is or where he came from. Also know he was parachute regiment and he was in our church. So with that information, I remember sitting there and I just cried. Because I knew what I had to do. By this time when I got on back, we had a new missionary, and this is the guy elder Chad Wagner. So while the chat, if you're out there, get in touch. I love you, and I'd love to reconnect with you. I really would. So elder elder Chad Wagner and elder Smith. So I went back, saw Caroline, said, I want to get baptized. I want to do it as soon as possible. Let's get this done. So we got the program together. I saw elder Wagner sort of Smith, said, let's sit down and he was a greeny. He was just out fresh from the mission field. I've never served a mission, so I didn't know and even to this day I've not served a mission. I married a return missionary, though, because Karen's return missionary. So I did marry her. So that's my excuse. And he said, now he said, it's always as easy as this, and as quick as this, you know, I've got everything here to, you know, I said, no, not always, not always. So the following week, we went to the chapel and Karen's dad, yeah, Carolyn's father, baptized me, Jon Bon. And that was kind of it really my journey into the church that then kind of started. So yeah, so it's a bit of a crazy story, but yeah, and I'm still here going through much better. 5 years ago or what? I know I liked you. Yeah, I'm 52. So I'm getting there, getting a bit older. And then you're currently serving as the bishop in your ward there. Maybe break down what the church is like in that area, the demographics, how it's laid out and whatnot. Yeah, so here in goals and there's quite a rural kind of stake, you know, we've got 7, 7 churches in the state, we've got Norwich who are Gaussian kings, Lynn, Milton hall theft for who I talked about before. Durham,.

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