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Podcast PJ Fleck this he's gonna start when he has to because it is not going good for his tenure so far and this is like a barber the job with the shirt and tie he looks like a nineteen forties Barbara this again you can't drop and if he has Minnesota has been pretty good against non conference but intern to cover the spread I think this is just simply game the Minnesota house to house from the ten ten wins traffic center I'm Greg rice with a supply house dot com fan highway patrol major trouble getting to the Bronx the inbound George upwards of an hour into a cross on the upper level a solid thirty to forty five on the inbound lower it is all because of emergency construction on the eastbound cross Bronx at the Sheraton sitting in the right lane so you got to get there once you get off of the George go for the south bend Deegan eastbound Brucker combo in its stead the Lincoln tunnel about twenty minutes on the inbound right outbound link in thirty to forty forty five to sixty at the op and Holland inbound Holland fifteen to twenty minutes white stones a mess either way stay with the Throggs neck across the Upper East River instead traffic sponsored by New York department of environmental protection I'm Greg rice with a supply house dot com fan highway patrol it's Jamie progresses employee of the month to month in a row leave a message at the hi Jamie me Jamie I just had a new idea for our song what the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay the trombone was Bob wine you say well be fine coverage options to fit your budget then we just all the fingers now small choir goes even coming after they've come at jet yes no maybe anyway so your practice tonight I got a new lyrics of the rhetoric progressive casualty insurance company affiliates pricing coverage much limited by state law it's a good time to be a doer and it's a good time to join the home depot.

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