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A guy like walsham in with these with them healthy on the line. Or even paul. Mary putting him on a top line. Because why else did you pay a first round. Fucking pick for third liners. You didn't pay first round. Pick for third liners especially in the playoffs. I guess it's better than the maple leafs paying a first rounder for fourth liner. And not by much and look and look third goal. Whatever But i do have to give credit Took harass man. He he's making like when he is tested. Which isn't much. He's making incredible stops like he's doing a really great job out there. It was actually really cool to see him play. I know i shouldn't be saying. I should be saying fuck boss and everywhere but You know watching him. Play was pretty cool. Not gonna lie. I think because to and mcevoy are the only two players that i like on the bruins. Really I mean it's hard to i think it's hard to dislike Now definitely especially A great guy or he seems like a great guy act. Like i know him but you know i feel you i. He does seem like a nice guy out there on the ice any anyway man. That's all i got for the series. The islanders will come back tonight. And when i think you got yourself a serious but I guess you could put put it down that this is a must win. Yeah i i think it goes without saying that. It's a must win this one. I mean well if the canadians came back from three one against the maple leafs. I think that the islanders to be able to do it against the bruins if they do happen unfortunately go down tonight. Yeah no. I won't count them out but For the way this team plays they need this one. So we'll yes. Yes stay tuned for that for next week. We'll discuss the islanders in more depth And the series. I think if it does go to seven it will probably still go on until our next episode right Yeah because probably go the rest of the week. I know they announced game five to be monday game seven day on friday if it happens. Oh my god sick all right well. We'll be able to talk about if we get there so Stay tuned for next week and You'll see you'll have to hear me crying or celebrating for real Either way we will. We will have a lot to discuss. yes that can't be said for the vancouver canucks unfortunately This week nothing's really been going on the the really. The only thing was that visibility podkolzin. Who is the twenty nine teen tenth overall. Pick for the canucks They signed him so He's gonna be in north america next year M i think he's going to have an immediate top nine impact on the team We said the same thing about hogue lender But i think he's better than hogue. Ladder is not so much important producing and finishing Like offensive plays. But i think overall his two way player man i mean he can four checked like he's a bulldog on the ice you know. He's a workforce he's constantly going after a player at the puck. he doesn't give up and his stick is really good. Stick shekar Some really looking forward to see where they where they slot him. I mean nothing will be cooler to me than seeing a second line of bo. Horvat neal's hogue lander and vasily podkolzin but Dow do that. That line would probably be one of the best second line hockey. No it wouldn't be. But i think that it would be at least at least top ten..

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