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To keep you moving, visit the new location in all new Maryland at the intersection of Georgia avenue and route one O 8 and remember that's a job for jiffy. I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic. Let's get the forecast with storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. We've got temperatures that are going to continue to rise to the low 90s today. Little humid out there right now, partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies, could have a shower later on this afternoon, or I'm sorry, later on this morning, more likely this afternoon and continuing through this evening that we'll see some showers and thunderstorms. And again, slow moving storms, spraying some heavy downpours, which could create some flooding. Now as we head into tomorrow more the same low 90s, mostly sunny tomorrow I think we'll have a little bit more sunshine. And a chance for some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon hours. Monday and Tuesday, isolated thunderstorms. So a slightly lower chance for Monday and Tuesday still hot, low to mid 90s with plenty of sun, and then by the time we get into your Wednesday, that'll be the best chance of rain as a cold front comes through the area, temperatures on Wednesday, low to mid 90s, 75 right now in Washington, Ashburn at 72 Annapolis, 74 camp springs at 70°. It's 72 outside of our studio, brought to you by Len the plumber. Trust its same day service 7 days a week. Coming up. A fundraiser aims to help Smith island recover from a damaging storm, and Valerie bong. It's 7 21. To understand what makes diamonds direct different, you have to know our history, it goes back 70 years to a renowned diamond cutter overseas. From there came years of diamond cutting

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