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Coming up in just a few minutes, we're going to talk to the pet food institute. It's an organization that represents most of the major pet food companies. We're going to find out what you should be looking for in your pet food and how it is regulated. That's just around the corner right here on animal radio. Lori, what are you working on over there in the newsroom? Well, there's paternity leave, maternity leave, and pa eternity leave. How cool is that? We'll share with you coming up. That is so cool and about time. That's on the way right here. Let's hit the phones. I believe we have gone on the phone? Yes, sir. Hey, Vaughn, how are you doing? I'm pretty good. Where are you calling from? Right now, I just went through, I'm going through needles, California. Oh, must be hot out there, huh? That's about a 105. Oh, okay, are you traveling with any animals? No, I don't, I'll leave all in the house. I got couple dogs and they're too big in my cat. Hate on black travel. Okay, so they're at home in the air conditioning. Well, they're at home in the house, but there is more to help you now..

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