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The clove case the judge is determined that the united states had violated in international trade agreement there was some secret settlement but the united states kept its ban on flavored cigarettes and indonesia instead started sending flavored cigars that's how trade disputes are supposed to get resolved the appeals process is like the supreme court of the wto but under the trump administration the united states is threatening that part of the process all one hundred sixty four countries were part of the wto they have to agree on who the appellate judges are roberto as veto is the current head of the world trade organization he says there are supposed to be seven judges there are currently four and the us is blocking all other countries from nominating replacements so we don't even begin to look at the names we don't even receive the names of the candidates that is unprecedented as the veta says two more judges are on their way out and the wto needs three to hear a case when it goes to two then at that point in time the appeals process is effectively paralyzed as the beta says countries have to want to settle disputes to avoid trade wars if we don't all tried to observe the disciplines and the results of the disputes then the system doesn't function and by the way the united states has brought more cases to the wto than any other country in the world and it's one almost all of them for npr news i'm sarah gonzales support for planet money comes from atlassian provider of collaboration software for organizations of all sizes through products like jira software confluence trello and stride teams can plan track and communicate more at atlassian dot com.

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