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Was no Gatorade zero all the electrolytes with zero sugar. So you can get more out of zero. Under the hood with Jonathan hood, weeknights on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app. Snapchat, Snapchat, hood, also on Instagram. I g j hood what is the latest? We were talking about ginger ale earlier. What's that latest on ginger ale? Because I know I read something that ginger ale actually does not sued the stomach Eric, right? So ginger actually is very good for queasiness, nausea. But in ginger ale like all the kinds of by Seagram's candler, dry, whatever there's not enough actual ginger in its make any effect it saying, it's the same thing as drinking a sprite actually could upset your stomach more because the amount of sugar in ginger ale. Oh, they say instead, it just takes some actual like ginger root and put it in some water kind of like tea and put Honey in it and drink it that way. Okay. I'm Jason ginger ale because I like. Momma said ginger. Okay. Ginger ale always helped me when I had a upset stomach wasn't which wasn't very often. What brand new neighborhood we can't address whips the one that's the cheapest? It's just ginger ale. Whatever whatever's on sale, whatever drew the jewels has on sale. So that'll be best in the. Yeah. Whatever whatever's cheapest we'll live from Nick vitelle coming up on the NBA coming benign ten some some high school basketball conversation with Michael O'Brien. It'd be the first time we talked to Michael O'Brien on the show from the sun times. There's a lot you you'd be. You'd be amazed actually have a last up to ask him. Curies really good. And I need to ask you why? We'll get into that. The Chicago public league. I got a set this thing up if we get a chance before we talked to Mike O'Brien about why some of you look at the Paul UIC Eleanor by other schools in the state and say how come we can't keep our kids? Meaning how come the city and suburban superstars can't stay in the state almost like you hold somebody against those colleges, but not going to those games 'cause you follow the high school kid. And you think man, I can't wait to see them in a local college in the state, and then they go elsewhere to go everywhere. Besides. L programs. And so I think that you you take offense to that some of you. So we'll get into that coming up at the bottom of the hour nine thirty five or here on ESPN one thousand the yes, we now. So after the saints got screwed right quote, unquote, screwed by the officials. You're probably wondering like Sean Payton like how's he doing Sean Payton two things the head coach for the saints number one? Sean Payton had a very interesting shirt on underneath is zip up. I believe it was a shirt that was making fun of Roger Goodell. But we can't be sure, but he talked about what he did like after that whole debacle where the saints fell short of their gold trying to get to the Super Bowl. What is it? Now, we can a half feels like it's been. Longer than that. I would say honestly after the game for two to three days. Normal people. I sat probably didn't come out of my roommate Jenny's ice cream and watch Netflix for. Three days. There's certain vices you gravitate to for me probably sugar. Anyway, much much told the team. Obviously there disappointments that you go through relative to your season in this one. Where it happened in the postseason. We've got to be able to get past that. And then we will we've got good leadership on this team. I don't know the ever completely get over it. But I think you do get past there's enough resolve I think that. This time away is healthy. And. And when it starts back up again in the spring will look at that calendar, you get back at it again ice cream net. Flicks makes everything much better. We'll talk some MBA would in our next half hour..

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