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Big budgets. Are Christ. Six might be getting announced soon and may feature actor Giancarlo Esposito Ubisoft holding a digital event on July twelve, and it might contain a far cry six announcement, if some of these disparate puzzle pieces come together to form a cohesive picture earlier this month Gene Carlo Esposito an actor who appeared in the man Delorean but is also ably best known for his role as gus in breaking bad, told the website collider that he was working on a video game, but he couldn't offer any details and simply said. This video game. I did which is going to be huge can't really mention game spots Eddie Macoutes reported on the collider interview and wrote he said he performed his part in this video game with this new style of acting, but he never fully elaborated on this, he was responding to a question about how fortnight developer epic's unreal engine is being used to film, the man Delorean in new and unique ways, but s SBC stopped short of confirming if this was the same tech slash setup that he used on the mysterious video game, and that story is linked in the show notes so that ambiguous news was floating around and. And then the website game reactor UK posted a story sharing that Esposito News that was pretty quickly deleted that had the paragraph contained within it. He doesn't say anything about what it is or who is developing it, but please allow me to spoil it for you. It's far cry six. Honestly, if that story had remained online, I probably would have just written it off as a rumor, but somehow the story being deleted seems just to add more veracity to it for me. It don't get me wrong. This is still strictly rumour, but it's a strong rumor. At this point, the far cry series typically heavily focuses on its antagonists. The protagonists are generally mute or near Mute characters who have the privilege of interacting with charismatic villains in well performed cut scenes boss played by Michael Mondo from far cry, three stole the show pretty handily, as did Pagan Min, played by Troy Baker and far cry four. And Greg Brick's portrayal of Joseph, the father seed in far cry five was one of the game's best elements. If this rumor is true in Giancarlo Esposito is playing the games villain, which is totally an assumption on my part to be clear. Then, that is pretty exciting. Esposito is great and especially great at playing a villain, and would fit perfectly into that far cry mold of the charismatic villain, ultimately truly being the main character. We're also about due for another numbered far cry entry far cry new dawn for Cry Five spinoff released in early twenty nineteen, but far cry five in March twenty eighteen. Even if it is not released this year, it's about that time where we should be learning about. The

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