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Frail with black hair in ambiguous is because some people say her eyes were deep purple and other say they were gray and some say they were black there are definitely not purple. Those people were drunk. They that was before classes. Wow people knew what colors were called their colorblind. Despite both girls were considered beautiful for their time it seems to so john. Fox and margaret smith met and fell in love and it was a story of opposites attracting john a brooding inward thinking thin. Wiry man would kneel every morning prayer and had a pretty much a permanent scowl on his face. Margaret was warm and bubbly social butterfly. She was even opposite and appearance with a large bosom and a double chin. Which i say affectionately. Because i think i like margaret fox. She sounds awesome. I wanna hug from margaret fox. I feel like the fox family was a close knit family. And therefore they were looking forward to the move to roll hide spill because david their son was a farmer. Just a few miles. Away in arcadia arcadia arcadia. Sorry new york. Oh god and maria who had married her cousin who scandalous yeah. She married her cousin on her. Mom's side my god. I know i gather i know. I think it was normal. Il this just a few miles from david so they were close to two of their other. Children and leah. Their eldest of the fox children was thirty miles away in rochester. New york elizabeth. The last of the children that survived was the only exception and she lived in canada with her husband. A little bit about hide spill. It was named after henry hyde. A doctor well a doctor win. Being dr required no formal education like we were talking about earlier so a loose definition of a doctor. Hide settled at a crossroads in eighteen ten. He opened up shop and became a very wealthy man by the time. Eighteen forty seven came around henry. Hyde was no longer live. But his son artemis hyde who was a wealthy man due to inheritance he was a land owner and it was him who rented a small farmhouse to john and margaret fox while their forever home was being built nearby. The fox family were the last in a line of many tenants hides spill was kind of place you stayed but you didn't stay very long. It was kind of you know the next. Stop before you found where you're gonna live forever. Much like tiffany explained earlier. This was a time when women and young girls were told to govern their passions because anger and excitement and all those you know.

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