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In may. Hey mom scam for moves marshall. Yeah you almost had it. Thanks case that was He's has an amazing improviser app. Hi everybody yeah we got. Some guys noticed. France spanking new energetic music. That's appropriate given that we're going to another ufc card Going down the of ufc biggest thirty five the fighting preview show. I am your host for today. alexander. Kaley i am joined by an lustrous panel. It's really the only word you could use i. I'll introduce everyone's favourite. Everyone's favourite curmudgeon. Jose young's why am i imagine li- just own it. You're on your yeah. You're no-one who reads that many comics look you can be a a twenty four hour Twenty four seven cheery person i took. I took a five day vacation. I didn't watch any. Mma for five days. And this is what i come back to detox. Mac talks prove. Prove me wrong. Because we're we're gonna we're gonna have a great show so please prove me wrong over the course of this show and we're joined also by bt l. veteran in. I'm i didn't watch the this week. Are you the reigning champion at gen michou. Dude come on the existing champion though. I don't know if we're gonna be joining. I thought we were talking. Paul woodley didn't husband talking about the card. This is great so no we will. At some point. We're going to be talking about paul. Would leave but that event happens on sunday sunday evening today we will be talking about las vegas thirty five Which will be going out. There's a fourth person y. Oh well i was going to set up. I was gonna say and the man the man who who because we will always say this and then they do. It makes no sense. I was gonna say the man who literally requires no introduction. Casey lied them detroit. But now it's stupid. That i said it because i introduced you also aka i wanna say i also didn't watch between the links this week because it's no longer a video series. Oh true caster podcast. Every yes please. Who anyone if anyone hasn't been keeping an eye on the may fighting a podcast network it is. It is booming right now with all kinds of stuff so please make sure you tune in. Maybe they won't. You won't come see our beautiful faces and muscles you're used to but that's what this preview shows for Again you'll certainly see again. Also when we do the paul widdly preview which again. Jed is not what this so we have guys. We have a full card. It's a busy weekend we've got what. Pf l. tonight invicta tonight. You've see on saturday. And then paul woodley on sunday. We're to a good event guys. It's not look too far ahead a good. You've seen event edson barboza Gaza which i think is a perfect piece of matchmaking Maybe i'm wrong. I'll go to you first. And just what were your initial impressions of this fight when it was. My initial impressions were finally. I'm pretty sure. I've tweeted this four or five times asking for this fight specifically after brian ortega and korean zombie fought. This became my new. I'm just gonna tweet about this until this becomes a reality. I think the first one time i did. It was after giga one. On the first jacksonville card it was one of those first pandemic fights. I can't remember who he fought. I think it was a very last minute. Opponent is like one of the. I think he's a fighter actually went up in weight to fight him news. He was much more short giga kinda clowns on him for fifteen minutes and then immediately like man. I would love to see him fight. Edson barboza was also fighting later that afternoon. I think that was when edson barboza quote unquote lost to dan. Ebay and get jacuzzi had said he wanted to fight edson barboza ever since 'cause if you remember ads barbosa decapitated beneath dare you. She was one of the knockouts of the year. When it happened in giga in benito dare user i think main trading partners like if one of them gets a fight the other one flies in justice specifically trained. So i've been asking for this fight for a little better part of the last eighteen months so i am absolutely ecstatic. That not only that it's happening but it's twenty five twenty five minutes rather fifty minutes. Yes this is a main events worthy fight. I think it'd be really disappointing. This was just Shove dan komen somewhere even on a paper view. I think we'd all rather see it on a main card. It's a great showcase. I think it'd be on. Espn it will be on espn okay. So that's this is a ufc on espn card. Loss of exposure now Our own damon. Martin spoke to giga earlier this week. Recently and one of these was that you know he thinks a barbosa looks great when he's kind of fighting guys who aren't like at his level and strict he's talking about the fight of bits and he's not super impressed with the with everything he seen from barbosa jed truth to that that against a more technical striker like yoga. We might not see. Kind of the freewheeling. Aggressive proposal usually no categorically insane. Esenboga has fought honestly quite arguably the best run of competition of any non champion in the history of the ufc. Like he's looked good in these look. Bad hasn't has not had anything to do with them being quality strikers or not it has everything to do with how they fight at not saying anything mind-blowing whatever edson barboza is the best fighter in the world when he gets to fight at his base in range and when he doesn't he is much less effective and dj. Godsey is a great fighter who has not been anybody anywhere near the quality that it's more bose's competed against and also doesn't really fight in a style that will make our bows uncomfortable. I'm stoked about this. Findings can be awesome with the idea. That barbosa like He's lost a good strikers. No just engaged isn't what you'd call it. Good striker hits yard and declawed him like he's he's fought fine and beaten really quality strikers being quality guys doing everything. He has a clearly defined weakness. Fortunately exploit that. So we're gonna get an awesome display of kicking. It's gonna be great. That definitely is flicking. The giga kick versus. You know whatever Whatever kicks that barbosa chooses to break out. I i do want to sit on it. So i want to say the exact quote because i'm representing gaza properly here because you're right i mean to say he hasn't fought high levels. Striking competition is somewhat insane. I'm like some of the names. Of course he fought. Pol felder just gave g dan hooker and that's just recently. That's just recent anthony prentice. Yeah so a lot of good names. But i guess he gets saying from a technical standpoint. I guess guys who haven't done Excelled like you know traditional marsh Certainly striking martial arts outside of emmy so. Because they said he's done he's done everything against way lower level strikers there levels in this game in the striking especially what has he done in kickboxing or karate. What his accomplishment. I understand that it's beautiful when he's doing spinning beautiful highlight kicks again. Someone that never did any high level striking at a fight. All this for me is nothing casey. Now they've kind of hear that full quote. Does it sound more or less insane kickboxing this weekend. That thing glory that okay but with with the question is it gonna be often fight that we're asking. What are you asking is Questioning the level of striking competition that barbosa has faced supposedly in mma. It's now i mean. I understand what you're trying to say isn't barboza is basically hate saying this. I agree with jed. He said everything right. Okay no barboza when you look at his resume. It's frigging incredible. He's he's on that that that that kind of short list of unbelievably good anime fighters who might never fight for you if the title you know just because davis comic mustafa he's that level clearly incredibly a level talent just the way. The matchmaking works he just loses to that champ right before to get to that championship fight. Losing the guys. I could be before it'd be champions like that Gauging guys who know really good fighters I don't know i just there's barboza. He's looks amazing. Forty five I thought he'd beat dottie. Beat mr felder..

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