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Mike in Thanks, Nicole. Yeah, We've got some trouble south of town this afternoon. Here. This is re 24 south out, which is crawling from 93. Randolph. Most of the way down into Yvonne got a pretty bad crash cleanup going on. It's about a mile after of a Harrison boulevard here, you want to stay to the far left If you can those of the best lanes to get through, otherwise avoided if you can. Elsewhere. Let's Thea the expressways doing with your mom free insurance Road report. Well, it's clearing out for the most part here. It's a little slow getting by mass out of the South found side and after that clear sailing down to Braintree, so we're almost almost to the end of the tunnel here. On the expressway North bounded slogan and by Nippon, Sit After that, it clears out again heading into tap Kristen acting them offering insurance rotor part I rue three. South bound, little slow coming out of Braintree. That's about it. 95 South. Not so bad. Reduce speeds down through Canton and Sharon 1. 28 South is good from the pike down to 95 as well. Now up to the north, Things are pretty good. With the exception of 1 28 south in Peabody, just crawling Endicott Street down past for 1 14. There had been a crash Their roots three and 93 north of both good up towards 4 95. No troubles on Route one, and even the Mass Turnpike is clear out of the Pru Tunnel downtown out past 2 90 in Auburn today, my king WBC's traffic on the three and now it's time for the four day WBZ AC You Weather forecast. Ah, let's bring back in meteorologist Brian Thompson. Pretty chilly next couple of days. Brian called.

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