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They put me behind the bar and taught me how to bartend when I was a junior in high school. And so I was making like three or four hundred bucks a night and not let. So fast forward. I went to work this really nice restaurant. And didn't know anything about lines that there was pink white and red. And I went to a wine tasting at this restaurant and fell in love. With wine speaks later. I'm living in Bordeaux. I'm not going to be a fireman anymore. I'm going to be one of the youngest one so many as in the country. So I went down that rabbit hole of wine and food and like service industry and bought and sold restaurants and owned restaurants. And then I just put on my sixty seventy pounds working for this huge wine company had a giant expense account so unhealthy so unhappy so depressed, I hit pause from month. Mike, I'm not doing this anymore. I'm just I I feel terrible. My life upside down right now, I'm just miserable and depressed for the first time. So. I started doing yoga and got really happy and really healthy and lost weight and started racing trap alums and didn't wanna give up that lifestyle of all this freedom. I'd create it and had a really good friend of mine say why don't you real estate? You know, you're really smart guy. You built these sales teams done really well for yourself. Why don't you just go to you that how about this freedom to still train Zogu and how this lifestyle? So I did that and within six months and making fifty grand a month and got really into that. And that turned into real estate besting. You know, business and firm, and then it exploded into off, and I lost a media company two years ago because I saw the power social media and social media marketing, and it was working. So for me, and my brand I wanted to offer to other people and just turned forty two on New Year's Eve, and my life has been absolute roller coaster some ups and downs. But I love real estate. That's my that's my core thing, but I love helping people more than anything. Yes. Service to others leads to.

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