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Wake Forest University School of nowhere in North Carolina. And also a member of Alpha Phi alpha fraternity do some community service, then you're initiated in your organization that is the above ground approved of approach that the organization. It's us to initiate members of in part. That's how I came to become an alpha that's the above ground. What about the below ground the hazing process? The penalty is not that you simply don't get to join. But rather that you're physically punish calisthenics or punched or slapped or paddled or something to that effect and Ord both of those experiences. How do you feel about the choice that you made back then I had to do over again? I would do it over again, I came to value the organization much more after hours Hayes than before to become more deeply emotionally committed to the brothers who I came through the process with I was only after I had been hazed, then I felt a much deeper emotional attachment to the organization you actively work to prevent hazing. How does that sit with you? The fact that you wouldn't go back and change what you did. Then when you see young students now who wants to go through the same process. Don't you feel that they should be able to some people might think of paradoxical being an anti hazing advocate? I'm not try even define myself as that they're alive experiences that I had that are valuable, but wouldn't want to foist those experiences on others when I decided to be hazed. I knew brothers who told me look if you do this. I mean, literally, you're placing your life and a group of other people's hands. I knew people had been severely injured because of hazing hazing has been around for a long time because in some ways, it does commit individuals to one another commit them to institutions and organizations. So how far does hazing really meet to social psychological need to try to get some answers. I tend to an expert in the psychology of hazing. I'm Tim Marshall on the director of the squirting center for health initiatives at Cornell University does hazing however dangerous it might be helped to create a stronger bond within a group having gone through some from. Mutual suffering. There is evidence that for some people being subjected to ordeals can increase connection with others in the group increased commitment on a feeling of attachment think about natural disasters and people in communities that are hit by floods or hurricanes often talk about how their neighbors reach out to each other for support. And they've connected with each other in ways that they never had before. But no one says that the devastation that they experienced was a good thing. But what would you say are the causes of housing? Good kids, sometimes do very bad things as a group things that they would never do on their own. So we need to look beyond the individual. We need to look at the group a strong social hierarchy a lack of external constraints secrecy and extreme obedience to a thirty by those who were hazed men want to have close relationships with each other. But they learn from stereotypes that men are not supposed to share emotions with each other. So. Instead, they engage in the ritual humiliation intimidation of hazing in order to generate bonds with each other. When a case of hazing makes the news when there's been a victim when this been a death a lot of the public response is why don't these kids just say no to hazing a basic and deep need of adolescence is to be socially accepted, an unconscious level this need to be accepted into a group can operate like a survival instinct, so when teenagers fear social rejection, it can almost feel like a threat to their existence and groups take advantage of this the make them feel unworthy by humiliating them. And giving them tasks that they're guaranteed to fail at they'll intimidate and punish them. So that the new members are afraid what would happen if they resisted, and sometimes the groups will pressure the new members to drink so much alcohol that they're unable to resist. There are some people however, see positive benefits from going through the kind of tough initiation process to marshal describes back at home coming at North Carolina. A and t for Tennessee member. Alan Thompson is celebrating an important diversity is our twenty fifth anniversary you've been in a fraternity twenty-five years hazing does occur in fraternities and sororities it's.

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