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We need to listen to a final clip near the end of the movie and in this scene. Rachel has just told Eleanor that Nick had proposed to marry her Eleanor is stunned. And then Rachel says that she turned him down. Eleanor is again stunt only fufill winning. There's no winning. You made. Sure of that. Because of Nick chose me would lose his family. And if he chose his family, you might spend the rest of his life resenting, you what Rachel has realized that her standoff with eleanor's different from the card game seeing the card game. If both players bet all they have one player will win everything and one player will lose everything. But that's not the case here, if both Eleanor and Rachel stay entrenched in their full antagonist towards each other fighting to keep Nick for themselves. The neither of them is going to win everything either Rachel Mary's and unhappy Nick who lost his family or Eleanor gets an unhappy. Nick who lost the love of his life. The only way both for Rachel to stay with Nick. And for Eleanor to have a son who doesn't resent her is if Eleanor gives her blessing for them to be together. Rachel sees this clearly, but Rachel also needs Eleanor to see it. And the only way that could happen was if Rachel turned down Knicks proposal, and then made it clear that she had turned him down because she cares. So much. Much about him that she doesn't want him to lose his family therefore proving to Eleanor at the cheap does care about family after all. So in this case folding was the winning strategy. All it said like there was something a little annoying about the ending in. It's like what about Rachel's career? That's true. Like, I guess she's marrying a happy, Nick. But he was also signaling to Eleanor that she'd be prioritizing Knicks family, and I'm just curious to know what that means for like Rachel's career as a game theory like did that ending mean that eventually they were in fact in a move to Singapore's that Nick can run the family business. And also, by the way, like why didn't Nick prepare Rachel for the game theoretical buzzsaw that was like waiting for her in. Singapore was unbelievable overall. Let her walk into this Parana pits without saying anything jacking. Oh, yeah. My family. You know? I mean, I guess listen they're like Jillian airs. So maybe they'll just by university and Rachel teach it still it was kind of annoying. So I am ran. Yeah. I read that Iran that theory by Michael Chang. And actually he said he thinks Rachel is going to be just fine and not just because he's marrying into a family of billionaires or whatever could Jillian ours. I'm not as worried about Rachel navy's. You are. I feel like she's shown, you know, part of that CENA's this show Eller. You know, I'm good at this. You know? And so I think she totally has the resources wherewithal and cleverness since she thinking to be able to negotiate well in the future to that's right game theorists can win came there. That's what they do. We'll see in the sequel. Are we producer is Dr Raphael are winning editor is paddy Hirsch, any indicator is produced by NPR and especial thanks to the university of south Florida website, which has kept track of all the places that economists have appeared on screen, and which inspired this series as a lot of pride for me there. Because USF, of course, is based in my hometown of Tampa, Florida..

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