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Twenty election the United States this was in which is an investigation into whether Ukraine meddled in US election in two thousand sixteen The incumbent President Petro Poro Shaneco found himself in arm and his embrace of a very hard line form of Ukrainian nationalism which he ran on maybe even backing from the United States maybe he wanted an endorsement from president trump before the election the Ukraine gets a new president Volodimir 's Alinsky an interesting character he's in comedy shows which are called the Club of the the Mary and the inventive do and he was very successful as a teenager and then as a young adult playing movies and TV shows in maybe two thousand fifteen not sure exactly after the revolution had not in fact reform that the same trends of corruption were a sort of naive every man version of of Ukraine's president before he became exactly that now at this point it looks a little bit less interesting and curious and more like pain were also included in late show but that's exactly what happened he continue campaign material right that's right and his political party is is called Servant of a message about what it means to be Ukrainian the previous president had promoted a an idea ski had a different view of what Ukrainian means a an understanding of Ukrainian in the current the identity so that you could be russian-speaking as Linski himself was you can be Jewish you can be Hungarian already the servant of the people put on its party list the first black Ukrainian who won he did he he won in a landslide with more than he is popular and why was he popular in Russian speaking had the language they spoke was was mush and that they should become Ukrainian in the sense of speaking well you'd and this was a message which even Ukrainians in western Ukraine appreciated politics and battles corruption right in promises to to bring a new era of clean the diplomatic community and Kievan analysts are are looking closely that question and dramatic question which is hanging over this Linski ministration now is his relationship with a an oligarchy Calm whiskey had been in exile until the election he just recently returned to Ukraine its latest aid package so in domestic politics the class in particular somebody deemed his patron or whether it won't be so much reporter for the New York Times based in Moscow after a break he'll tell us more about Ukraine's and says is making excellent Honky tonk music and Justin Chang will review Martin Scorsese's new can earn five percent back at Walmart on line two percent at Walmart in store restaurants and travel we're listening to the interview Davies recorded with near Times reporter Andrew Kramer have when they left off there were talking about Ukraine's new president felow de Mares the White House trump of course was a reality show post although he had a business he's forty one years old there's a distinction here in Ukraine which is that this is a country not nearly as light hearted as he was as.

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