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Chris Layton, Stevie Rae, Westinghouse Road discussed on Todd and Don


And then I'll hang up and let him respond. You don't have to hang up. Go ahead. What what one of my favorite drummers as well. And I was wondering what was your favorite song Chris to play with double trouble and something about Stevie Rae that that we do not know about. Well, I can tell you some of my favorite songs to not play. Why because I've played them so many times. Okay. Yeah. You gotta go stale. In any song was my favorite when we played it better than we had played it before. What made it better? I don't know. We were kind of more in the moment, you know. And it just, you know, something happened with us on stage that or wherever everybody was in their grew. Everybody was in their grew. We were kind of the moment go. Wow. This is this is takes on a whole new thing that feels real nice and fresh and inspired. And it's seems better than it's ever been before. So hang on. We got unfortunately, take a quick break with on time traffic, but I want to hear the rest of that here's Melinda. Brand that record round rock thirty five south on the macneil. That's been blocking the left lane has got traffic backed up to Westinghouse road. We've got a reported rack on ninety three southbound near Duval a collision on the left shoulder. Ben wide eastbound approaching south first street and a wreck on east seventy one westbound near one eighty three. Your next report's eight four Melinda. Bryant with us on time. Traffic today will turn out sunny, we'll have a gusty wind and a high of sixty five degrees. The wind will diminish this evening. It'll be colder under clear skies tonight. Low thirty eight from the weather center. Hi, I'm Heather zehr. Calm right. Welcome back seven forty six year. Newsradio KLBJ Jeff Carroll Markle Spagna and join us special yesterday. Chris layton. We need the microphone on there. All right. So caller called in and asked, you know, some of your favorite moments.

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Chris Layton, Stevie Rae, Westinghouse Road discussed on Todd and Don

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