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Our state could face a partial government shutdown of a budget deal is not reached before the end of the month here's couples keith eldridge shutter republicans with majority control say they are confident a budget compromise can be reached before the june thirty deadline and it agree he went on state supreme court mandated funding of education is close and i feel very optimistic we are near completion of our work and very exciting place to be unconcerned i really concerned democrats do not share the republican optimism even in the wake of the governor tried to get matters moving i told him that need to start face to face negotiate asians democrats say it hasn't happened not on the overall budget even though santa republicans say they are confident a compromise can be reached they say they don't want to share details of that compromise said they don't want to negotiate in the media the democrats say other negotiations to share it will advocate the approach on news give a government shutdown does happen one of the biggest immediate impact would be at the state parks and campgrounds they would likely be closed to starting july i at the saturday and of course the big weekend in the even if you have a reservation that would be the case wildlife had fishing areas state run boat ramps would also be shut down the state which office your new hunting and fishing licences or discover passes as all in the event of god our shutout it's been a busy view h r king kutty search and rescue climbing editor steve smith says this year's heavy snow is still around it our out and sketching hikers off guard and unprepared i've definitely seen people hiking up in team pretty remote areas in tennis shoes you know cotton jeans tshirts and when that stuff of gets up high it does not hold any insulating value added several people forced to turn around at snow lake yesterday smith says plan ahead have proper equipment and learn about the dangers associated with that country travel and he's seizing going out at your office happens a lot around here apollon counts continue to be higher than usual for this time of year goes ride coward with when allergy sufferers could expect a little relief just nick loyd with washington.

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