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Healthy and this team did a lot of good this year yeah and it even reading this this that back a mariota i still feel like i can't trust him i i have trust in marcus mariota he didn't up as as as a rookie came back this year and that enough where i i think his efficiency they got a good running game they've got a good off wins of line and he's developing relationships now with with rashad matthews and i expect they ll get another wide receiver this year i do trust marcus mariota coming into this next season i think is done enough for two straight seasons i couldn't ask for him to of done more than he did with what his options are so peak if he's healthy and you know is back in the offseason program from the injury i think marcus mariota might be one of those quarterbacks and i am personally targeting stringing together a consecutive games at that level says a lot to me because the the not gon mariota before that point in time has been okay here's a game where you throws once touchdowns here's a game or does nothing behind center so we're stringing together that says a lot to me very interesting let's talk about all more quarterback after week five this is not so good after week five philip rivers of the los angeles chargers weird failed to register another top twelve performance in standard leagues skull though he led the nfl with twenty one interception that is crazy top twelve there were over forty quarterbacks bit basically every single year that have a top twelve performance of for him to not get one top twelve after week five says something was often when you watch the games you see something was up his interceptions they he led the league with they weren't all so it's a tough but they were some of those were just down right down right board you know i don't even allen you let of it is the snapped oh no woodhead he made a lot.

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