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Out of Dale. This morning And I'm online The. Two. Or three okay Hello Can I speak to? Dale Hey man listen I. Don't think we've ever, met my name is Jeff and I'm actually a friend of. Celia who you work with Okay, okay so listen I came up? To see, her at work a, couple, nights, ago, she, introduced me to Vanessa and I. Was like what is, the story with her you know she's like pretty hot and Well she sorted dating our assistant manager so I think you'd better, run it? By. Him. I. Yeah. So I, got your number of Celia the I was going to ask if. You're still seeing I do not want to be, the guy who tries to steal? Somebody else's, girl you know yeah okay Right It's kind of. Complicated 'cause I, mean Vanessa and, I we're not technically, dating? Right I, mean but there's something going. On, I I get your. Manager you probably can't have people knowing that your dating I get. It I, mean I kind. Of have a girlfriend. Now I was, I supposed to, break over there at, the? Beginning of, summer but then she does. This, trip my birthday couldn't. Eventually break up with a yeah you know just all kind of. Messed up I get. It I get it I get it bro. Why, why do, we pick in the summer right Sure it'd be only doodo, working in store full? Of women yeah. Okay so all. Right so you and. Vanessa? Are seeing each other then just not publicly She could, see wherever she wants Isn't that? Must, have been done my. Girlfriend. Yeah, that's, the only thing? Yeah no actually you know what. I'm pretty sure you just did so thanks for cheating on. Me and.

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