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How much money do you have on your pocket right now. And i'm like five dollars four or five dollars a guys like why do you. Why do you have such little money on my all my credit card. He's like okay so he writes them on the sheet of paper. And then sticks it to my chest. And it goes fletcher. Sharp five dollars. So i'm sitting in a room with people who have like legit like emmanuel such and such you know x. amount of money like a thousand two thousand dollars. Eight hundred dollars or something. They're looking at my sticker like five dollars. Like what are you doing. And i'm like i just i just wanna go home. Wasn't expecting this. I now people looking like like some weird little broke boy. Like why do i have five dollars in your pocket. That's strange any change. And i was like no. That's really weird of you to have just five dollars five singles at that so finally i got to go home as my partner and i got gotta hug that never expected to get. She's like i thought you were like goner. I'm like i thought i was too. They took my phone. They took all my stuff. And i just thought figured like i'll see you tomorrow. I guess after sleeping it off in this detainment area so thankfully i'm back. I am not any on any lists and yet it's a long story long story short moral the story If you see the you might crossover to where the the bridge or the the tunnel is if between that and having your target hit you might have your car. Just get hit. Save you the hassle of being detained for two hours. Well i'm glad that border patrol didn't permanently snatch you. That's a plus. I'm also glad that. I'll be seeing you on saturday for the detroit city. F c game at keyword four. Pm unusual time one highlight that definitely honestly my only feeling about that. Is i just feel really stupid. Because i knew the bridges right there and i didn't think that all the street led to the bridge. I'm like i'm going right. Back to jani king or something and i'll figure it out from there and it's like no. You're going to canada now. You are now on your way to you. Know the maple leaf country so good luck But yeah i am very happy to be out of there and to be able to cover. Dc fc games and people actually want to hear my opinion and stuff and instead of people asking you the same question five times in four different ways so hopefully we can get these borders right soon and get some international matches going man. I remember when we used to play windsor. Yeah windsor stars. Were a really good team on. They still are all right now. Actually at one point detroit used to send their players over on loan to windsor star to give them some extra playing time. It'd be nice to you. Know not even. Maybe maybe not windsor. Maybe someone like toronto missouri or someone that level or maybe even someone bigger like you know maybe get another English team or spanish team or german team to come over and just play. I get why because right now the. Us is a hot zone and like the players who play over in. Europe cannot come to this country and then go back to having a quarantine. So i understand why but it'd be nice if we could get past that as a collective World so that we can get back to doing some stuff normal will never be normal as as normal was before but as close as possible to be really nice..

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