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A TNT on ESPN radio and the ESPN F Mr College Football National Championship game for 2020 Tom McDonough, Greg McElroy in Miami Gardens, Florida Hard Rock stadium. Saving, trying to win his seventh national championship here tonight with the movement of a tie with fellow Alabama legend Bear Bryant for the most of all time, and he To do it in the stadium. We're probably the only blip on his career. Largely took place from two years is the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Here between the Stinson Alice you in Alabama when 15 and 17 is an NFL head coach, but his team look sharp tonight. They lead 14 to 7. They've had it twice. They're driven 78 75 yards. For the touchdown really come for the third time going from right to left, starting from their own 12 yard run with the ball between the hash marks on Brian Robinson back of running back into the of Lan Jie, Paris a little bit of a breathing, He's on the right hip. Both joins Smith started emotional weapon back to the right before swing pass to the right again. All kinds of rumors that makes the catch was up far sideline. They got bounced out of bounds by seven banks. But it's a 12 yard game. It looks like the short swing passes there all night for Alabama, Devante Smith, and it's been misdirection that time showing motion to the left from right to left and then going back to the right on the bubble. I mean, they've had three or four those little miss directions to Devante Smith with a ton of running room and Heil states got to make a play on the bottles. Smith All the art game, seven catches for 95 yards and a touchdown early three minutes into the second quarter. Robinson and the pistol lined up directly behind Jones. Here comes the blitz off the corner, and Jones just stripped in Ohio State is recovered bearing Brown in the linebacker came on a blitz from the defense's right. Jones has left many spun right into Browning after the fake handoff, Browning strict and recovered and a huge play by the Ohio State defense. It's the first turn over the game, just a massive play from Baron Browning and incredible individual effort. Alabama faking a run to the right, Mack Jones trying to boot naked back out to the left and grounding his blitzing. In fact, Jones Right there. It's got to protect the football. Instead, ground is able to dislodge it after a terrific play. Remember covering in his own self carry Combs, tremendous coach called there from the defense coordinator for the Buckeyes. Browning's an excellent Blitzer. They take over to the Buckeyes on the 19 Yard line of Alabama ball closest to the left hash mark. Four receivers spread the field lobby this star wide to the right side of the field fields out of a gun looks left throws left to the ends on his drop. But there is a flag down. It hits Jamison Williams write his number six along the sideline. Josh Joe bumped into that might have been the reason why he didn't catch it likely be pass interference against Alabama but still the balding Looks like it should have been caught for a touchdown by Jamison. Defense number 28 penalties for 15 yards from the previous stop, automatically stop call job spun dreams around by the left shoulder pad still looked like he had a great chance for anyone to touch the ball absolutely job that left arm grabbing the left shoulder. Of Williams and difficult to keep your concentration there, but a good penalty by job, frankly, saved the touchdown. That's a shirt catch. If he doesn't make the pendant, it's first and goal the ball on the four yard line master to running back in the pistol behind Fields. Lobby comes emotions from the right hand at the team throwing down with going on, and that's a touchdown for Ohio State Master team Tough run. He's a powerful 5, 11, £225 and Stepping back into the prominent running back girls very nicely in the absence of trade sermon, we were told, had his shoulder X rayed on no results given here State amateur taking him to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. That's interesting for a shoulder injury, but so far master team doing very nicely. He scored both Ohio State touchdowns. There's Jake Cyber freshman for the extra point You kind of had the feeling the way Alabama scores that Was. David needs takeaways on win the turnover margin tonight and so far they're up one in the turnover column big play by Browning to set up the score. 11 43 left second quarter very entertaining National championship game, Bama In Ohio State tied at 14 College.

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