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Early flight cameron diaz here's your blind item filled in cameron diaz was kicked out of a grocery store this week for vaping pot inside giving up on her career see basically she's retired but for what all right thank you for that bradley trainer and his moral judgments moving on soapbox away now because we're moving onto our second blind item from crazy days and nights dot net we have to think about an a list singer and his celebrity girlfriend and ayla singer and his celebrity girlfriend don't believe the hype this ayla singer wants no children none so whenever i see anything about he and his celebrity girlfriend wanting kids it's coming out of thin air i suppose it could be coming from her people tried to force his hand but that seems odd he likes focusing on himself so he they don't have kids i she has children he did so it's not justin timberlake is that what you're thinking good gas singer and his celebrity girlfriend she'd acting celebrity or reality celebrity she tried acting at one point didn't really work out for but okay okay very minimal acting k alist singer what can we narrow it to ganea i have a friend yes country music and no doubt gwen stefani that's interesting that he just called her a celebrity girlfriend.

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