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Three the beria's new station kcbs cloudy and cold tonight with a slight chance of showers maybe even some snow flurries at some of the ira elevations mostly to partly cloudy tomorrow after chance of a few morning showers but evening i'm larry sharoni here's what's happening and investigation has determined state senator tony when those are likely engaged in six instances of flirtatious or sexually suggestive behavior with female staff members and lobbyists in the past decade democratic senator could face censure suspension expulsion or reinstatement from his colleagues released thursday he's been suspended during the investigation the senate released a three paid summary of the findings of the investigation by outside lawyers today clair's mendoza of an allegation he fired staff members who reported one of the instances but a finds a more likely the not the mendoza engage the behaviour such as offering a nineteen year old alcohol in a hotel suite at a democratic party event as well as inviting a young woman in a senate fellowship program to take a vacation with him and the rent a room in his home in appeals court is casting doubt over the way bales are set here in california kcbs reported critised kim reports on a rally at the san francisco all of justice today were opponents pointed to the arrest of an elderly man in their call for reforms all of us all of us 64yearold kenneth humphreys committed his third strike by giving it a fight with his neighbor and taking some money and cologne his bail six hundred thousand dollars lower to three hundred and fifty thousand outrageous to san francisco public defender jeff adachi it said that the way in which the california courts in the judicial system has been dealing with bail is patently illegal several groups use the humphreys example and won a court decision that the bail was excessive for the crime and appeals court upheld the original decision now state attorney general harvey air bazire says he agrees with the courts and will not appeal that decision nowin in california indeed no one in america should remain in jail solely because they cannot afford bail supporters are now backing a senate bill in sacramento that would reform the bail process at the.

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