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Exchange of ideas. Yeah you're right. And i had an interview with newsweek where i talked about it. Victory for joe biden is victory for cancel culture. It's a victory for big tech. It isn't the expansion of their authority. And it is. It's concerning it's very concerning because we're going to see a greater reforms enacted vital left to go beyond where we're at today too. I think further Debilitate the first amendment and the first amendment is fundamental to the american ethic to the american way. And frankly this is where i think. It's one of these principles of freedom that Conservatives the republican party presumably and those that have joined us in this coalition that voted in sixty sixty percent more state. Legislators these are things that i think can motivate a new generation of voters when younger voters see their friends being silenced. Because of political viewpoint that might not be popular with these big tech elites I think it resonates with them to see how i need to join with them and defend them. There are seventy three million americans who are going to be attacked. Disenfranchise cleanse is some of the words. That i've heard in terms that are straight out of karl marx. Sarah ideology it's terrifying. And it's an assault on the first amendment and that's something at the local level we have to defense and we have to ensure that we continue to communicate fellow. Americans have had her so much. Well we're rapidly becoming a one narrative nation and if you don't subscribe to that politically correct narrative. You're you are shunned. You're shut down. You are effectively cancelled. And i have to wonder given all of the hours and the work that you've put into your award-winning book. bellwether blues a conservative awakening of the millennial soul. What is the reaction to that. Are we going to see a sea. Change among millennials. Generations that follow but what i find the researchers. There's a split amongst millennials. You have millennials predominantly on the coast. That are left of center that end into these views that you've been raising this way indoctrinated and leftist ideology from really young age all the way through their education and now living in these echo chambers but then you have The mainland millennials. Who live in states Where the elections are still just. I didn't think with the electoral college who have a different perspective. They they don't live in those same echo. Chambers and i do believe that freedom is one of the instincts of millennials and the more that you have governors members of the executive branch now coupled with increased regulation that will come from the federal government. There's going to be a distaste that that will happen. That will resonate with the younger generations. And i think there's going to be a kickback. And it's national. Usually after victory like this. There's been two years later. There's going to be a kickback. And kind of if you want revenge because of the concerns of the way that we're governed. I think we'll see that. Within generations and mainland america. Jonathan jack bosque author of bellwether blues conservative awakening of the millennial soul sir. Always a pleasure. Always appreciate your thoughts Particularly now during some very troubled times. Where can we find your book. You can find anywhere. Books are sold Amazon is probably the most popular place people go to we. Also on our website videos of millennials who changed their voting persuasion voting habits. About whether glues book dotcom jonathan. Thanks so much keep up the good fight and keep the faith my friend. God bless you. I appreciate the time. Take good care. Jonathan jack of ascii author of bellwether blues conservative awakening of the millennial saw eight thousand nine hundred thirteen ten. Kfi kfi here.

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