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When the following day for the first time it while as we shoot the return of the monsoon serves the shoveling flow of moisture from about of northwestern mexico major structural off some momentary afternoon thunderstorms and some of the local malgin sure your where these occurred temperatures were as long as the midnineties in the valleys of the eye e even cooler up at the animal valley at ninety three ninety in the santa career valley thousand oaks about seventy nine at the moment therefore things are watch there will be marie layer cloudiness but really just in the la venture and orange county coastal plain it will reach its peak at about five in the mornings will show you that go way probably before you leave for work slightly warmer temperatures because of the early departure of the marine layer and a slightly weaker onshore flow and when we say slightly warmer we mean slightly just one or two degrees warmer for friday and saturday then back down temperatures may actually back down into the normal range by the middle of next week and again the slight chance of mountain the desert thunderstorms or showers with him equally she's humidity for all of this so even though the temperatures are to remain relatively the same field little sticky as we see a decrease in relative humidity show we've had this moisture whoa up an out of our area up until today and just to the southeast the bottom right of your screen your shirt to see that monsoon plume quickly out of western arizona over into our desert areas them to the imperial valley and it may get a little closer as time progresses here's a live now the future cash brian lara clouds are going to reset probably by 9 o'clock tonight and then by tomorrow morning look at this five o'clock in the morning it reaches its farthest point inland and then retreats probably by the time you get to work than in the afternoon mainly in the san bernardino mountains now our chances december two amongst them at about twenty percent oddly enough done at the santa sooner mountains which includes a wild and pine cove and hem it the chances are only about ten percent so we're we're focusing most of our action on the.

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