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He will move his hands, his hands, his right hand and left hand back and forth as a as a range finder. So that's I thought he was. I thought he was being measured, but. The thing I was most surprised on was the Connor Connor is one of the most explosive fighters you have when it comes to going backwards and catching you with that left hand, and he didn't do that. He actually became a very aggressive as far as not Nessie overaggressive, but he he became the guy who was pressing the fight and making Khabib go backwards. And I think that was their game plan going into this. I think their game plan was to make be go backwards, which would kind of take him off balance. But I thought it I thought it was the wrong decision because I thought it should have been could beat making be chase him so that he could catch him with that left hand, kind of like the way steep a when he was fighting for Brita. What river doom for for Braschi owes started. Following steep arou-. The ring and then was was for breach show eventually got caught because he was following. So I, I was kinda thinking that would have been the better approach, especially because you you have so much power even when you're bagging away as Connor did. So I thought it was a better decisions is really surprised that Connor became the Gress of move forward guy. Exactly, exactly. That's. That's what I was thinking. Like that's what I mean. But he really wasn't using his in and out. Motion to bait could be coming in so and he landed a few shots, but I never saw in the entire fight that like any worry in could eaves I about MacGregor's offense or is punching power. I thought I watched it was like watching a motorcycle. Go up a ramp. The most nervous I thought could be was was when they were in the ring and they were getting a noun..

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