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Be freed on two hundred fifty thousand dollars bond after a quarter. Parents this afternoon. She was arrested this morning, just one a fifty people taken into custody in connection with a college bribery scheme, the real victims in this keys are the hardworking students who did everything they could to set themselves up for success in the college admissions process, but ended up being shutout because far less qualified students and their families simply bought their way in FBI special agent. Joseph of court documents say Huffman paid fifteen thousand dollars that she disguised as a charitable donation. So her daughter could take part in the college entrance exam cheating scam. The union for Air Canada flight attendant says the company is allowing ones who don't want to fly the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight to be reassigned and the union says they want that option to continue. You this comes after a deadly ups. Airlines crash over the weekend and a lion aircrash last October that also killed everyone on board. The FAA maintains that the jets are airworthy, but a Senate panel is reportedly considering holding hearings on the crashes new federal statistic indicates some illegal border crossings are rising, but it's happening at America's northern border customs and border protection stats show. The number of people caught illegally crossing from Canada into the US is up by nearly thirteen hundred over twenty seventeen. However, the more than forty three hundred crossing at the northern border pales in comparison to the nearly four hundred thousand caught illegally coming over the southern border. Fox's grenell? Scott. A majority of the unlawful northern crossings has hit to happen at the boundaries of remind New Hampshire and New York state. This is Fox News. Jim gag Leoni. Newsradio.

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