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Bar bypass loans credit card debt and it was a car financing of all crease substantially yearonyear said i not county might try and d for example is put back the countercyclical buffer which he took away just after brexit and what that would mean that banks need to hold more capital and would therefore be less willing to lend at the edges to continue thank europe's laura full of hope hinting lebanon is we talking but more about the financial stability report at seven fifteen name remember a few weeks ago we spoke to peter wta hambro a member of the famous a banking family about his fight to stay as chairman of the gold mining company he founded at school petropavlovsk as the name suggests it does this morning in russia griffey shareholders was trying to push out mr hambur and they succeeded peter hambro joins us now peter you lost the voter fraud the vote was seven any percent against do you have many complaints after the after the event well we all nuclear us more voters who did vote i put money spoke and the people who had the i got to go to to destablize the company get rid of them nor executive directors emir chairman one so that was nothing will recuperated said you you did you did say though in fact you you said this to us when you came on the program before you thought it was actually a takeover of the company without the normal pre um you to shield as being paid well that's what i was trying to stopped though there was an arrangement seems between released to the people because they they the the requisition the our the the shareholders meeting with the requisite showed meeting in and give the vote against us together i think they wanted to to change the board for reasons which which were in my view the stealth takeover trying to get the the people.

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