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Take time to be a dad today's visit fatherhood dot gov brought to you by the US department of health and Human Services and the ad council late traffic every ten minutes back to sue Hey look what happened the accident into Quilla clear DA south on I five before the exit to inter urban all clear out of the car pulling however it is pretty nasty backed up from at least I ninety and pretty solid all the way down to the scene and actually before you get there I might as well just tack on the back up and starts to open thirtieth north the north gate and goes into downtown basically towards the convention center the accident in Renton still there north bound for all five before forty fourth blocking the two left lanes are kind of hard part of that on ramp from forty four so it's gonna be backed up there from the valley freeway heading north on four or five the thickest part of south bound for a five is a right through downtown building from before five twenty past northeast eight and down to about called cold creek parkway also have pretty size will back up into the south and south five sos from about three twenty if in federal way into Tacoma than a big back up to start somewhere around zero five twelve in Lakewood and then stay slow most of the way past dupont traffic brought to you by the Washington state department transportation and good to go good news Seattle drivers you can save two dollars on tolls for the good to go past every time you take the ninety nine tunnel another toll roads in Washington get your pass at ninety nine total dot com your next come a traffic at two fifty four weather today well it's so little sunny for a lot of us some clouds elsewhere and wind is blowing through here and there over although not much to complain.

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