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With the clock that that little of what are you doing story as well so i was asking in the dark lee cracked please well that is the podcast is raising his hands i just want to interrupt i i have a couple of questions for chris but they'll get super his maybe you asked this question that is always kind of i've always notice this thing but in another city not los angeles and i'll say it ended in second looks like los angeles but it you know that because there's troop also scott writers last strip balls in los angeles what makes los angeles books seen seems different though than regular strip mall area this will renege michael heavily of matches the respondents thought and a lot of the guys redoing no know the coffee shop and drive into the bowling alleys here that that we're as though you know golden globe awards for many decades resilience phoenix were doing it las vegas we're doing it all over the southwest and then people try to copy or asylum of the places that off quite get it right it doesn't interpret news what is it that makes the los angeles unique about the strip mall look welcoming the this the modern fail ever is look at uh before the strip mall before the debt the improvements are really quite dead got a big towers everywhere but any strip while thirdplaced task stations you know and and as though i mean we have this sort of three light lightly sort of architecture here we had our gas.

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