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Yeah. Yeah. It's gotTa be integrated. Be Seamless. I was in I was in Central America, and I won't name the the country just because I don't know how many. Financial Services companies might be doing this there but they had for their multi multi factor authentication. They gave all of their customers basically like a a card I I guess I'll call it a Bingo card for lack of a better word. So you had x. y access and When would it come up based on? They'd log in username password than ask for the Co when the code was predicated to this card, which had some type of serial number idea to them and said, okay, g seven and then gave them gave him this and that's how they would do their multi factor authentication wasn't horrible. It's actually a a somewhat elegant idea a somewhat low tech, elegant idea I think But now now, of course, people are converting that to if they don't have to have a key fob doing it on their on their mobile phones, right so it's very easy click and it just passes it through but So even cases like that where perhaps you had a a public that didn't have access to that type of attack they still wanted security such demand. There's such a push and I'm sure that's just something that's. Evolving probably every every year in your industry right trying to make things easier for the consumer trying to make them more secure at the same time and playing that balancing act. Yeah. It is. I mean you know the authentication experience is been you know a big big push for US trying to get. You know uniform indication across the board trying to find ways to make multi factor is effective as possible without impacting user experience and so yeah, that's just it's sort of expected. It's. That easier harder, the same any I don't think cloud has had much of an impact on it. Directly I mean, a lot of the cloud stuff just you know kind. And ties into whatever you're already doing and so we're not seeing cloud chain disrupt that too much but it's more about you know whatever platform they're touching. They don't want different authentication experiences. They don't WanNa pivot to this happen to have to reauthenticate. They. Don't WANNA BE CHALLENGED FOR MFA. Every single time if they're within session and and we really don't necessarily want to challenge them every time anyway, you know..

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