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With their choice of spicy or regular the prior app users are not eligible for the offer so it's first time actors only what islands coronavirus emergency inflated unemployment rate dropped to sixteen point three percent in the month of may that's down from the April rate of eighteen point one percent but it still might be high the rate a year ago may of two thousand nineteen was three point six percent so you can see the damage done state department of labor and training said yesterday when I looked at it about thirteen thousand jobs last month in connection to the beginning of the state's re opening most of the gains were in accommodation and food services as restaurants started to begin to see diners again indoors to outdoor dining and indoors at fifty percent phase three what's that going to detail what's that going to look like phase three of our re opening if you will what was supposed to be getting into that soon and the governor's covert nineteen press conference today will be all about that with here that live for you by the way at one o'clock so if you want to hear what phase three is going to be looking like make sure you what this passage of a bill which would require the notification of the police department in the home town of somebody trying to buy a gun and Rhode Island stalled in the state Senate on Thursday night the bill was originally named for Julie Lynn the cardinal the victim of a shooting last year at an apartment complex in westerly where she was employed suspect reportedly purchased the gun in Richmond yet he had a history with the police in westerly an amendment by state represent ativ Anastasia Williams added the names of the two survivors of the shooting to the bill but one of the survivors apparently didn't want their name connected to it and that's why the thing has been delayed believe it or not update on the legislation requiring the home town police background checks for gun purchases the update is that it's stalled one state lawmaker not too happy about the plexiglas partitions in the statehouse chambers said the cost too much let's check this out his Logan Wilber from Eyewitness News acrylic.

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