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Coverage on the corona virus crisis and well a lot of things are being closed as some have not in their concerns being raised about the risk of corona virus in a population that has few options to avoid getting sick most of the inmates in the jail system the American civil liberties union has sent separate letters to the LA county sheriff the DA the presiding judge of the Superior Court the board of supervisors your country's Burke the jail conditions advocate for the ACLU says reduction of the jail population for health reasons is something that should be considered basically consider early release for all individuals who are particularly vulnerable to convert nineteen FOR immediate release unless there's clear evidence that their release would present an unreasonable risk judges in the DA could arrange for more prisoners to be released on her own recognizance while the sheriff could authorize more use of site release protocols reduce the population going into the jails were infected people could spread diseases the sheriff's departments indicated they'll meet with the ACLU to discuss these and other issues within the next ten days P. Dimitry okay and extend seventy newsradio hardheaded sheriff's department says no okay anti jail inmates are showing any symptoms and keep it that way any visitor who does display a Simpson can command the department also asking families and friends to voluntarily limit their bed since during this pandemic the LA county jail on the other hand the sheriff's deputies injured will impose a mandatory reduction in visitation beginning today and more southern California colleges have joined the list of campuses going online we told you the other day about Santa Monica college they're already gonna be doing it and other colleges set to put most or all of their classes online next week include but not limited to Cal Poly Pomona cal state Dominguez hills El Camino college in Torrance real Honda in Whittier.

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