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Let's recap the playbook of victims. Ben I is. Allies are banned newspapers. We Sean now. Under the umbrella of Kashmir second is government spends millions of dollars each year to keep those propaganda media afloat regardless was acquitted of journalism and third orban ban any supporters. ACOUSTICALLY trying to clamp down on independent media as ability to do that job birds all band government. Defense cash mass position. In supporting Hungary's entrepreneurs and enterprises the formulation and establishment of cash was a market like private initiative and we helped the private initiative and the resort and Kovic is victor all vans international spokesman and he explained paint to me that Kashmir also plays an important role in Hungary's development for the past nine years. We've been building up those areas. which have relevance this? From the perspective of Hungary's National Future and that is a matter of national strategy or national security including critical infrastructure picture and so on small has approached the government with an initiative which was bringing together a Hungarian owned media. And we believe that in today's world at the beginning of the Twentieth Century Emmanuel respect the national ownership of media is part of the critical infrastructure. We have to face Kovac was not concerned about the lack of transparency of Kashmir. You says the government does not intervene in this private initiative of detail title. What about a state advertising money directed to cash my media companies? Does it create a bias and distorted media market. Well I believe not I I mean. Depression is wrong. What is important for us is how to reach those Hungarians actually to whom we are talking to and that's why we have concentrated revenues that instead instead of spending it in an efficient way we spend the money efficiently according to call that because cash so fast it only makes sense for the government amen to spend money advertising food or cash match? That is we have dogs. We want to reach And it doesn't matter who is providing US those targets if if the advertisement reaches the goal for that it is fine for the government to advertise because over countries do it but the problem is unlike other governments like France Austria all bands. Advertising campaigns MIA minorities migrants or any opponents of the government. Speaking of Austria Victor Albans Media Strategy became a source of inspiration to inference twenty eighteen national election campaign. Hey this is old your former video clip codes the AP's affair which was released by two German newspapers. Newspapers Video. Looks like it was. We've called it with a hidden camera. It shows the leader of the Austrian Korean Far-right Party and Russian investors plotting to win a twenty eighteen Austrian. Parliamentary elections part of the scheme was to buy Australia's has men tabloid and to motivate after the media takeover in Hungary. Lena your birth from we are back in. Brussels does Belgium after several weeks longer. It was time to go back to my routine of covering Europe but I could not forget. How all bands methods could could become a template for the rest of the continent like scheme? We just heard out in Austria. I am not the only one. Julie Marches Zach is from reporters thirds. Vote Baldur's while it is already the case I mean if the e U does nothing he will allow other member states is to follow the road. I mean Poland does what Hungary did before. Yeah it opened the doors for other member said to say Oh Anyway Eddie. You doesn't care about value so we are free weekend whatever we want. So what can Europe do. UPN lawmakers worries at Oban tight restrictions offers a free media but also immigrants and human rights groups will only weekend Democratic Dick Freedoms what was really surprising over. The past months is how European officials in diplomats are aware of what all band is doing the free repress but some countries like Poland Romania and Croatia. I totally agree with some of all bands. Policies overs like like France and the Netherlands. Believes that Hungary's democracy is in danger. It is always difficult for European countries to jugs in neighbors. Positional GNOMES. Oh sensitive national issues. So besides what they called could monitoring Zishu said do not wish to sanction allman and. This is another novel. Line of Alban's particular playbook playing within the limits of what is acceptable to European Union and finding grey areas and when any DAS- he knows he won't face any scrutiny or consequences beyond the European Union's broader concerns about all bench controls the media there is also a local crisis. I'm reminded of what Attila by Bose. The local editor in page told me he said that there is no freedom of suppressing the pricing Ongeri Anymore Shaw Kubota shoveling atom is going to hold your most of your. I'm pessimistic because a few years ago. We never thought we could could of ended up in this situation Viktor. Orban wants to preserve a tiny version of a democracy. People can protest and some newspapers can still write bad things about the prime minister. So this allows victor hormone to say see in Hungary. There's no threat to democracy named Josh Right Act and that is a shadow. In which Hungary finds itself today where some of the trappings of democracy remain intact but the country's democracy democracy is under threat so government controls a large percentage of the media and seems to be writing history of the nation Hungary are`maybe stumbling towards a new very ties. A what all bank owes his illiberal democracy in Quinton aureus various is ground truth global reporting fellow with our democracy undone project you can read his accompanying written piece in the Atlantic magazine on our website. We've created a graphic illustration `lustration authoritarians playboy for all seven countries featured. In the project. There are also interviews with each of our democracy on reporting fellows. You tell us what you think of this episode and give us a rating. Tell your friends they can subscribe on. NPR One apple podcasts. spotify or wherever they listen. This episode was reported and produced by Quentin Arias with editorial support from Tracey Tong and Rob Rosenthal special thanks to Ludovic the Peltier Kutaisi. Our senior producer is Mitch. Hanley the Ground Truth Project editorial team includes Selena Gomez Josh Co so todd. Ching Wilson Bano and Maria Somali ground truths executive editor is Kevin Grant. The Atlantic Magazine's global editor is per shot row. This podcast is in partnership with the Atlantic magazine and is supported by W H major funding for this season of the podcast comes from the loose foundation and the Macarthur Foundation. I'm Charles Senate. Executive producer of the podcast and founder of the Ground Truth Project which which supports emerging journalists to do on the ground reporting in undercover corners of the world our democracy democracy undone series continues as we turn to the next chapter in the authoritarians playbook exploiting religion in India Prime Minister Narendra commodious redrawing India's religious fault lines to consolidate power in the world's largest democracy in Kashmir the Indian government has stripped the only muslim-majority already state of its autonomy in Assam. hindu-nationalist mobs are lynching innocent Muslims in northern India. The state is constructing a Hindu temple on. What's what's left of a mosque? Desecrated by Hindu. Nationalist Mobs Modi is also redefining. What it means to be Indian who is a citizen listen who will become stateless? Dehumanizing indigenous people is violated illegal Bangladeshis. Because they didn't they're grabbing land. 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