Christopher Perron, Officer, President Trump discussed on 24 Hour News


Of assaulting two officers and three other people after cops responded to reports of a fight and lyndon hearse right after eleven last night suffolk county officials say fortyoneyearold christopher perron had allegedly punched two men one woman to that's when the suspect according to officials punched a female officer would approached him breaking her nose perron broke the finger of another officer charged with salt resisting arrest the officers the of the three treated for their injuries that local hospitals suspect was also treated for unspecified injuries as as well new jersey is getting federal help a major disaster declaration for damage from the severe winter snowstorm in early march the president granted that status to the state yesterday releasing federal funds to help out in connection with the march six seven storm that dumped twenty seven inches of snow to parts of the state causing around twenty million dollars in damage bergen essex morris passaic and somerset counties are targeted for those funds also statewide help and wasp prevention due to future natural hazards wins news time six oh seven the trump administration's controversial citizens should question that it wants added to the twenty twenty cents is drawing criticism democrats on the house oversight committee say the warnings of career experts at the census bureau where it nord an internal memo from the chief scientists at the census bureau to commerce secretary wilbur ross in january warns that adding citizenship question is very costly harms the quality of the census count and would use substantially.

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