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Know you were like luke pushed on put push initially in like you built that on your own and actually true story here. That halloween actually. I had the bros shirt. And and the headband and everything and ten tried to try to win that halloween contest. You could still still. I love that. that's great. yeah that was. That was the best part. Was the the fan interaction. I always tried to figure out ways to incorporate the fans Because when i started the show there was no like game plan of how. How am i gonna make this work. It was just like have aleutian every week. Its biggest been different. And you know the fans you know. They bring signs to the shows And a minute. What if i just do like sign of the week and then that would entice people to bring their science. Because maybe i'll use it at signing the week just trying to think if it ways to get the fans of all because at the end of the day like the fans are the most important part so You know. I needed their sport and thank god. I got and we're talking about macaroni here on sunday night. So all of that culminates with you. Winning the united states title at was tlc or schimmel. They know there's one of those two in this was in twenty eleven and when you hear the ref count that count that three count. What's the first thought going through your head. At that moment it was an incredible night You know watching it back. It's funny because they knew my dad was there so they had the camera on 'em after the one-two-three to get reaction and he's so excited jumping up and down and it looks like he's so excited that he's having a heart attack and he's like clinching his chest but his his glasses just hanging on switcher so you're trying to keep his glasses there but he's just he's just so fired up And then i the first thing that my personal was my dad here..

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